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By John Carroll Power

These biographies were submitted by a researcher and evidently abstracted from the 1876 History of Sangamon County, IL. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

SHOUP, JACOB, born May 9, 1780, in Huntington county, Pa., was married there May 25, 1802, to Sarah Downing, who was born Aug. 13, 1782, in the same county. They moved to Pickaway county, Ohio, where they had sixteen children, each one of whom lived to be twenty-six years of age and over. The family moved to Sangamon county, Ill., arriving in what is now Ball township, in the autumn of 1831. It was then called Cotton Hill Precinct. Of their sixteen children--

JOHN, born May 31, 1803, in Ohio, was married there to Hannah Martin. They both died in Logan county, Ill., leaving six children, near Lincoln.

MARY, born Sept. 5, 1804, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county, Ill., to James Fletcher. He died, leaving a widow and two children, near Lincoln, Ill.

JACOB, born Sept. 17, 1805, died unmarried in Pickaway county, Ohio, in the twenty-seventh year of his age.

SARAH, born May 12, 1807, in Ohio, died in Sangamon county, Ill., unmarried, in the sixty-first year of her age.

THOMAS, born Dec. 19, 1808, in Ohio, was married there to Rachel Anderson. They had six children, and Thomas Shoup died in Logan county, Ill. His widow and children live near Lincoln, Illinois.

ELIZA, born Feb. 27, 1810, in Pickaway county, Ohio, was married in Sagamon county, Ill., to William Gulliford. They moved to Oregon in the spring of 1852, and both died there, leaving nine chilnren.

MARIA, born Jan. 30, 1812, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county, Ill., to David Brunk. See his name.

TIMOTHY, born March 12, 1813, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county, to Mary Keys. They had five children. JACOB, died in his tenth year. ELIZABETH J., married James Crawley. They have two children, MARY E. and JOHN E., and live in Ball township, near Cotton Hill postoffice, Sangamon county. James Crawley enlisted Oct. 5, 1861, at Springfield, in Co. I, 7th Ill. Inf., for three years, re-enlisted as a veteran Jan. 1864, was captured at Allatoona Mountain, Georgia, Oct. 5, 1864, within one hour of three years from his first enlistment. After spending five months in prison, he joined his regiment, was commissioned First Lieutenant Nov. 1, 1864, served to the close of the rebellion, and was honorably discharged July 12, 1865. ISAAC F., married Maria N. Byers, a native of Madison county, Ohio. They have four children, LILA A., LEWIS, JOHN T. and JESSE E., and live one and a half miles east of Cotton Hill postoffice, Sangamon county, Ill. ALEXANDER F., born March 3, 1844, married Arthalinda Bell. They have three children, MINA, ADALEE and SAMUEL B., and live near Bell's mill, seven miles southeast of Springfield, Ill. JOHN H., born July 11, 1847, was married in October, 1868, to Rachel Bell. They have one child, WILLIAM, and live near Zion's Chapel, and New City, Sangamon county, Ill. Timothy Shoup died Feb. 28, 1850, at Crow's mill, which he then owned. His widow lives with her son-in-law, James Crawley, near Crow's mill, or Cotton Hill, postoffice, Ill.

ELIZABETH, born May 9, 1815, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county, to Barrett Ramsey. They moved to the Pacific coast in 1852, have five children, and live at Marysville, Baker county, Oregon.

DELILAH, born April 27, 1817, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county, to Elijah Bradshaw. She died without children. Mr. B. was married again in the winter of 1875, and lives one mile east of Cotton Hill postoffice, Sangamon county.

ALEXANDER, born Feb. 23, 1819, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county to Mary J. Wilkinson. They had five children, and Mr. Shoup was accidentally killed while pressing cider, in the fall of 1856. His widow married Mr. Brown, and lives in St. Joseph, Missouri.

DORCAS, born Jan. 28, 1821, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county to Thomas Lovelock. They had six children, JOSEPH, ALEXANDER, THOMAS, SAMUEL, GEORGE and MARY. Mr. Lovelock died, and his widow lives in Ray county, Mo.

HENRY, born May 4, 1822, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county to Ruth Knotts. They have seven children. ELBERT W., married Martha A. Sanders. They have one child, CHARLES L., and live near Cotton Hill. SARAH E., married James Milliner, and lives near Cotton Hill. JACOB, ELIJAH, LEANDER, SAMUEL and DELILAH live with their parents. Henry Shoup lives on the farm where his father settled in 1831, in Ball township, east of Crow's mill, or Cotton Hill postoffice, Sangamon county, Ill.

NANCY, born May 8, 1824, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county to Joseph Penn. They have five children, SARAH, JOHN, ROSY, HENRY and GEORGE, and live near Lancaster, Dallas county, Texas.

SAMUEL N., born May 16, 1827, in Pickaway county, Ohio, was married Nov. 18, 1857, in Sangamon county, Ill., to Alice J. Mourer. They had seven children. JOHN CARROLL, the fifth child, died July 24, 1874 from injuries inflicted by being thrown from a buggy attached to a runaway team two days previous. SALLIE IRVING, the sixth child, died August 13, 1874. WILLIE H., ETTIE MAY, HARRY S., LUELLA M. and LUCY live with their parents. Samuel N. Shoup has had an eventful life. He accompanied two of his sisters to Oregon in 1852 and returned in 1855. He went with another sister to Texas in the fall of 1855 and returned in 1856. When the rebellion began he raised a company which became Co. E, 114th Ill. Inf., and was elected and commissioned captain at its organization, was promoted through the different grades to colonel of the regiment, and was in command at the close of the rebellion. He was elected Sheriff of Sangamon county in 1866 for two years. Col. S. N. Shoup and family reside in Ball township, near Cotton Hill Post Office, Sangamon county, Illinois.

MELISSA, born March 15, 1827, in Ohio, was married in Sangamon county to Philemon Stout. See his name.

Jacob Shoup died Dec. 19, 1849, and Mrs. Sarah Shoup died April 20, 1850, both on the farm where they settled in 1831, in Sangamon county, Illinois.

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