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By John Carroll Power

These biographies were submitted by a researcher and evidently abstracted from the 1876 History of Sangamon County, IL. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

JONES, ALEXANDER, brother to Robert, William and Thomas. He was born in 1786, in Orange county, N. C. His parents moved, when he was a child, to Madison county, Ky., and from there to Pulaski county, in the same state. Susan Woozley was born in 1788, in Halifax county, Va., and taken when young to Pulaski county, Ky. Alexander Jones and Susan Woozley were married in Pulaski county about 1808. They had one child in that county, and moved to Bedford county, Tenn., where one child was born, and then moved to that part of Barren which has since became Hart county, Ky., where three children were born. In 1821 they moved to Wayne county, Ill., where they had two children, and then moved to Sangamon county, arriving Oct. 9, 1827, in what is now Ball township, where one child was born. Of their eight children--

THOMAS W., born in Pulaski county, Ky., married in Sangamon county to America Pittman, moved to Missouri, and died there in 1853, leaving a widow and children. T. W. Jones was a soldier in the Black Hawk war. He was also Capt. of a company from Sangamon county in the Mexican war. His company was in several battles, but every man lived to return except one, who sickened and died.

JAMES B., born in Bedford county, Tenn., raised in Sangamon county, married three times, and died in Missouri in 1853.

ROBERT W., born in 1814, in Hart county, Ky., died in Sangamon county in 1833.

JOSHUA W., born Sept. 9, 1817, in Hart county, Ky., married in Sangamon county to Polly Ann Wills. They had seven living children, viz: ADOLPH W., born July 19, 1846, was a soldier in the 143d Ind. Inf.; residence not known. LAURA J., born Oct. 25, 1847, married Jan. 20. 1869, to J. W. Renn, who was born Oct. 15, 1847, in Sangamon county. They have three children, JESSIE A., LAURA S. and EDNA, and live half a mile east of Woodside, Sangamon county. WILLIS A., WILEY E., AMERICUS V., JAMES A. and HORATIO S. live with their father. Mrs. Polly A. Jones died Apr. 8, 1867, and J. W. Jones married Sept. 3, 1869, to Mary E. Dryer of McLean county, and have two children, LUELLA and JUNETTIE. Joshua W. Jones resides in Ball township, adjoining the farm where his father settled in 1827. It is three miles east of Chatham. He studied medicine, and practiced it eight years, but now confines his business to farming.

MOSES A., born July 31, 1820, in Hart county, Ky., married in Sangamon county, Jan. 18, 1846, to Nancy Armstrong, who was born in Virginia, Feb. 16, 1824. They had eleven children. SUSAN J. and MARY E. died, each in their second year. The other nine: CAROLINE A. married William D. Patton. See his name. ELIZABETH A., and THOMAS A. live with their parents, JAMES B. is a druggist, and lives in Springfield, ROBERT W., JOHN M., ANDREW J., ELIZA B. and CHARLOTTE F. reside with their parents in Ball township, ten miles due south of Springfield.

BURRELL T., born in Wayne county, Illinois, raised in Sangamon county, married in Missouri to Charlotte Williams, moved to Clinton, DeWitt connty, Ill., and died in 1864, leaving a widow and two children. They now live in California. He practiced law in Missouri, and edited a paper in Clinton, Illinois.

AMANDA J., born in Wayne county, married Rape Funderburk. See his name.

SUSAN. D., born in Sangamon county, married in Missouri to Caswell Williams, and died there in 1847.

Mrs. Susan Jones died Jan. 20, and Alexander Jones died Oct. 20, 1844, and both are buried in Ball township.

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