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By John Carroll Power

These biographies were submitted by a researcher and evidently abstracted from the 1876 History of Sangamon County, IL. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

TAYLOR, JOHN, was born in Danville, Ky. He came when a young man to Madison county, Illinois, and was there married to Elizabeth Burkhead, who was born near Charleston, South Carolina. They returned to Kentucky, and had three children there, and moved to Edwardsville, Illinois, where they had one child, and from there to what became Sangamon county, arriving in 1819 on Sugar creek, in what is now Ball township, where they had two children, and in 1822 moved to Springfield, where they had two children. When Sangamon county was organized, in 1821, John Taylor was elected sheriff, and by re-elections held the office about six years. He was afterwards appointed receiver of the United States Land Office at Springfield, was one of the original proprietors of the town, and did much in the way of improvements to advance its interests. Of his children--

HANNAH, born Jan. 27, 1811, in Kentucky, was married in Springfield April, 1832, to S. M. Tinsley, a native of Virginia. They had eleven children in Springfield. Mr. Tinsley was for many years one of the leading merchants of the city, and died in 1867. Mrs. Hannah Tinsley died in July, 1869.

MARGARET, born Dec. 28, 1813, in Kentucky, was married Sept. 28, 1829, in Springfield, Illinois, to Edmond Dick Taylor, who was born October 18, 1804, at Lunenburg Court House, Virginia. His father's name was Giles Taylor, and his mother's maiden name was Sina Stokes. They moved to Lexington, Kentucky, in 1806, and two years later to Hopkinsville, in the same State. In 1814 they moved to Gallatin county, Illinois, where Mr. Taylor was for several years engaged in the manufacture of salt. Edmund D. Taylor came to Springfield in the fall of 1823, and went into general merchandising, with Colonel John Taylor, who afterwards became his father-in-law. In 1832 he was elected to represent Sangamon county in the Illinois Legislature, his opponent being no less a personage than Abraham Lincoln. He can justly boast of being the only man that ever defeated Mr. Lincoln in an election. In 1834 he was elected to the State Senate. In 1835 he resigned his seat in the Senate to accept the appointment from President Jackson as receiver of public moneys in the United States land office in Chicago, and opened the first land sale ever held there, in June, 1835. In forty days he found himself in possession of $493,000. When he reported it to the Secretary of the Treasury, that officer responded with the exclamation, "Is this not fiction?" Colonel Taylor's bond was only $30,000. He was for many years actively engaged in politics as a leader in the Democratic party. He has been engaged in banking and land speculations all his life. He lost several thousand dollars in the Chicago fire, but is still very wealthy and full of business. Colonel E. D. Taylor and wife had thirteen children, six only of whom are living. One daughter married S. Snowden Hayes, and lives in Chicago. Colonel Taylor's business is largely in Chicago, but he resides at Mendota, Illinois.

JAMES, born Jan 27, 1814, in Christian county, Kentucky, was brought up in Springfield, Illinois. He was a soldier from Sangamon county in the Blackhawk war. His sister, Mrs. Hurst, remembers that herself and some other school girls went into a bakery and assisted in preparing crackers for the soldiers, at the time her brother went. James Taylor was married in Springfield July 25, 1837, to Eliza C. Bryan, daughter of Nicholas Bryan. See his name. They had six living children, MARY E., born June 14, 1839, in Petersburg, Illinois, married in Springfield June, 25, 1874, to James M. Barclay, a native of Kentucky. They have one child, LOUAN E., and live in Cairo, Illinois, ELIZA B., born Dec. 9, 1841, in Petersburg, Illinois, was married March 19, 1863, in Beardstown, Illinois, to Robert W. Miller, of Sangamon county. They have four children, WINLOCK W., JEANNETTE, ROBERT TAYLOR and MARY B., and live at Cairo, Illinois. HANNAH T., born Oct. 15, 1843, was married in Springfield April 17, 1867, to James M. Epler. They have three children, ANNIE LOU, HANNAH T. and JAMES T., and live in Jacksonville, Illinois. ANN M., born Oct. 1, 1845, in Springfield, lives with her mother. JOHN C., born Nov. 10, 1847, in Bath, Mason county, Illinois, was married in Clinton, Illinois, Sept. 24, 1873, to Mary Jane Bryan, a native of Pennsylvania. They have one child, JOHN CLAY, and live in Springfield. JAMES S., born August 16, 1855, at Beardstown, Illinois, lives with his mother. James Taylor went to Petersburg soon after marriage, and sold goods there five years. He afterwards moved to Springfield and remained five years, thence to Beardstown, where he was sheriff of Cass county from 1850 to 1859, and four years circuit clerk. He returned to Springfield in 1863 and acted as deputy sheriff one year. He died July 26, 1873, and his widow resides, in Springfield, Illinois.

EDWARD J., born in Edwardsville, Illinois, brought up in Springfield, is unmarried, and lives now--1876--in Maryville, Missouri.

JANE E., born June 27, 1820, in Sangamon county, was married in Springfield to David Kriegh, a native of Hagerstown, Maryland. They live in Chicago, Illinois.

ANN, born April 3, 1822, in Sangamon county, was married in Springfield to Charles R. Hurst. See his name.

WILLIAM W., born October, 1820, in Springfield, Illinois, died in 1853.


John Taylor died at Beardstown May 12, 1849, on his way to New Orleans. Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor died July, 1855, in Springfield, Illinois.

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