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By Joseph Wallace, M. A.
of the Springfield Bar
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, IL

Page 538

ELLIOTT G. HERNDON - Elliott G. Herndon is the proprietor of the beautiful River Dell farm. This property forms one of the attractive features of the landscape in Rochester township, and under the supervision of its owner, who is a progressive business man, it has become a profitable source of income and is classed among the best farms of Sangamon county. Mr. Herndon has resided in this county since 1857, and was only two years of age at the time his parents arrived here. He was born in DeWitt, DeWitt County, Illinois, March 22, 1855, and is a son of Archer G. Herndon, whose birth occurred in the city of Springfield, November 29, 1825. After arriving at years of maturity he was married in DeWitt, Illinois, on the 15th of October, 1846, to Miss Rosanna Robbins, who was born in Campbell county, Kentucky, on the 17th of April, 1829. Two or three years after their marriage they took up their abode in Springfield township, but about thirty-five years ago located on what is now known as the Dell River farm, on section 29, Rochester township. Mr. Herndon was a well known agriculturist of Sangamon county, who prospered in his undertakings, winning a handsome capital. He died October 14, 1890, and his wife, surviving him for a number of years, passed away in March, 1901. His brother, William H. Herndon, was a law partner of Abraham Lincoln at Springfield up to the time of the President's death.

Elliott G. Herndon, whose name introduces this record, was educated in the country schools and in a business college of Springfield, thus being well equipped to meet the responsible duties of a business career. He was only two years of age when brought to Sangamon county by his parents. After leaving his father's farm he purchased a tract of land at New City, where he remained until about 1902, when he sold his place and purchased the old homestead, River Dell farm. The original tract comprised six hundred and eighty acres, of which he now owns two hundred acres. This is very valuable land, kept under a high state of cultivation, and is equal in all of its appointments and accessories to any of the model farms of central Illinois. Its excellent buildings stand in the midst of richly cultivated farms, and splendid harvests are annually garnered as a reward for the care and cultivation which Mr. Herndon bestows upon his land.

On the 285th of September, 1881, occurred the marriage of Elliott G. Herndon and Miss Rosa Hatler, a daughter of Granville and Sarah Hatler, who were then residents of Cotton Hill township, but about ten years ago her father retired from agricultural pursuits, and with his wife is now living in the village of Berry, in Cooper Township, enjoying a well-earned rest. The children of the Hatler family are as follows: James and Henry, who are resident farmers of Iowa; Louis, a resident of Cotton Hill township; Mrs. Jane Williams and Mrs. Emma Crowder, who are also living in Iowa; Mrs. Etta Williams, who makes her home in Taylorville, Illinois; Effie, who is living with her parents; Mrs. Bertha Kincaid, a resident of Springfield; and Mrs. Herndon. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Herndon have been born four children, as follows: Kenney G., born June 5, 1885; Carroll, born May 1, 1887; Teddy Dwight, born August 20, 1889; and Grace, whose birth occurred on the 10th of April, 1899.

While residing in Cotton Hill township Mr. Herndon served as supervisor for two years, but has never been an active politician in the sense of office-seeking, although he keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day and gives an intelligent and active support to the Democratic party. His wife is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and they are people of sterling worth. The River Dell farm is noted for its generous hospitality and an air of good cheer and cordiality pervades the place, making it a favorite resort with their many friends. Through almost a half century Mr. Herndon has been a witness of the growth and progress of the county, and as a public-spirited citizen he has borne an active part in everything pertaining to the welfare and development of this section of the state.

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