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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

ALLEN, ALFRED M., a retired farmer, living at Pawnee, owns a comfortable home in that village, and also 160 acres of excellent farming land in Christian and Montgomery Counties, Ill. He was born in a log house, near Jerseyville, Ill., November 14, 1853, son of Augustus L. and Betsey L. (Davis) Allen, the mother born in Vermont, February 3, 1824, died at New Douglas, Ill., August 15, 1875; and the father, born in Vermont, April 22, 1818, died in Montgomery County, Ill., September 29, 1858. Augustus L. Allen was a farmer. His widow married (second) John C. Long, who died in Missouri. Augustus L. Allen was a son of Alfred B. and Violet C. Allen, who had children as follows; Adeline C., born February 23, 18__, died July 25, 1872, having married Cyrus chamberlain; Alonzo W., born December 1, 1815, married Margaret Connely, May 27, 1857, died April 21, 1882; Alfonso, born March 15, 1820, married Lucretia Holdridge, died August 27, 1898; Aurelia M., born April 2, 18__, married September 13, 1848, to William J. Davis, died July 16, 1899; Adell H., born October 4, 1824, lived at New Haven, Conn., died unmarried, in 1907; Arthur A., born May 28, 1828, married August 17, 1871, died June 9, 1891; Alvin M., born March 1, 1830, died May 11, 1832; Amelia J., born August 15, 1832, married Nelson Prindle, died March 25, 1892.

Alfred M. Allen was the only child of his parents, and was educated in New Douglas, Ill. He lived with his mother until her marriage to Mr. Long, then lived in Montgomery County until he came to Sangamon County, where he worked at farming two years, and in 1874, returned to New Douglas, where he spent a year in a mercantile business. In 1876, he worked at farming by the month, and in the same year attended the Centennial at Philadelphia. In the spring fo 1877, he began farming on his own account, which he continued with excellent success until 1900, when he brought his family to Pawnee in order that his children might have better educational advantages than they had heretofore enjoyed. He continued to carry on farming, however, until 1908, and has since been retired. He is very fond of all outdoor sports and has always been very energetic in his work. He has spent rather an uneventful, hardworking life, but is one of the sterling, useful citizens of his community having the respect of all who know him. Always been fond of reading, he now subscribes to ten daily and monthly periodicals. He is an earnest Christian, and a friend to all. His old family bible is fifty-six years old, and he owns several fine volumes of good works. He has always kept an account of his business deals and makes a note of everything he thinks will be of use to him, not purchasing so much as a postage stamp, unless he makes a note of it, and in like manner keeps account of his receipts, so that at the end of a year, or a month, he is able to review his various transactions. He is a Democrat in principle, but in local matters, votes for the man rather than the party. He has served as School Trustee. Though not a member of any religious organization, he is a regular attendant of the Presbyterian Church.

Mr. Allen was married January 1, 1879, in Taylorville, Ill., to Ella McCoy, born in Sangamon County, December 17, 1857, her father a native of Virginia, and her mother of Illinois. The father, Martin Macbride McCoy, a farmer, died near Divernon, Ill., and the mother Elinor McCoy, near Palmer. He was of Scotch descent, but his ancestors were early settlers in Virginia. Mrs. McCoy was a daughter of a Mr. Laswell, an early settler of Springfield, where he conducted a flour mill. Mrs. Allen was one of the following children: Joseph, Thomas, Max, Andrew, Charles, Catherine, Fannie and Ella.

Six children were born to mr. and Mrs. Allen: Rolla M., born April 14, 1880, died February 14, 1895, in Montgomery County; Orlan, born February 2, 1890, in Montgomery County, died there August 17, 1899; Mearl, born in Montgomery County, June 11, 1885, is unmarried and runs an interurban car between St. Louis and Springfield; Zola, born January 23, 1881, married W. Manning, lives on the old home farm of her father, issue, - Willard and Ernest, born on the farm; Lelan, born October 9, 1892, lives with his father in Pawnee; Vernon, born July 15, 1898, lives with his father. Mrs. Allen is now in a hospital in Jacksonville, Ill., and Mr. Allen has taken a mother's place, so far as he could, to his youngest son, since he was six months old. Mr. Allen has a fine family of children, all of whom are a credit to him.

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