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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

Transcribed by Mary Ann Kaylor

Page 1024

BALL, THEODORE KELLOGG - There are few men who, having made a success in one of the learned professions, turn to business fields and there achieve equal prominence, yet this is what Theodore Kellogg Ball has done. He is one of the representative contracting carpenters of Springfield, but at one time was a successful attorney. He was born near Perry, in Pike County, Ill., July 10, 1848, a son of Gideon O. and Delia A. (Kellogg) Ball. The father was born in Fredonia, N. Y., while the mother was born near Perry. By occupation the father was a carpenter and he came to Pike County, Ill., in 1847, continuing to make it his home until his death. For over five years he was a soldier in the regular army, participating in the Florida battles and other engagements against the Indians. Of the three children born to himself and wife Theodore K. is the eldest, the others being, Emma and Lydia A. Emma became the wife of John J. T. Ball and lives at Fredonia, N. Y., he being a conductor on the traction system, while Lydia A. was married and died July 25, 1906.

Theodore Kellogg Ball was educated n a country school near Perry, but left it at the age of eleven years to work on a farm owned by his step-father, his mother having married Uriah Elledge after the death of Mr. Ball. Here he remained until he was nineteen years old. At that time he went to Griggsville, Ill., to engage in a transfer business, continuing in it from 1867 to 1872, this being the first enterprise of its kind in the town. In the latter year he became traveling salesman for the Singer Manufacturing Company, remaining with this concern until the spring of 1876, when he entered the Sheriff's office at Pittsfield, the county seat of Pike County. After four years of faith service he became a salesman for a firm in Pittsfield, with Pike and surrounding counties as his territory, handling agricultural implements for two years. In 1883 he was made Chief of Police at Griggsville. After two years in this office he began taking an active part in politics, receiving an appointment through Secretary of State Hendricks during the Altgeld administration, and was at the capital from 1893 to 1897 , since which time he has been a contracting carpenter.

Mr. Ball was married on September 17, 1867 to Anna Cadwell, born in Griggsville, March 1, 1853, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Carroll) Cadwell. The latter was a direct descendant of Charles Carroll, whose name appears as one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Mr. and Mrs. Cadwell had four children: Elizabeth, who died when sixteen years old; John; William C., of Washington, and Mrs. Ball. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ball, ten of whom survive: Albert; Harriet E., wife of J. R. Phillips; Mary D., of St. Louis, clerk in the Traction System; Thomas E., deceased; Florence M., Daisy, Noble, Maude, Theodore E.; I. J., deceased; John W. , and J. Frank. Mr. Ball is a Democrat. He belong to the Christian Church. He is a member of the Carpenters' local union, in which he hold office. The pleasant family home on West Carpenter Street was built by him.

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