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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

Transcribed by Mary Ann Kaylor

Page 1029:

BARNETT, ALEXANDER MILLER (deceased) carried on farming in Sangamon County many years, settling here in 1829. In 1837, when the county was re-organized, his farm was then located in Menard County, by reason of the new division. He was born near Mobile, Ala., September 22, 1801, a son of James and Jane (Morrison) Barnett, the former a native of Pennsylvania, and the latter of Scotland. James Barnett came to Mobile when he was ten years of age, but it is not known by his descendants in Sangamon County, where the family originated. James Barnett was a teamster, and carried freight across the Allegheny Mountains.

Alexander M. Barnett received his education in the country schools near Mobile, and from the time he was eleven until he was seventeen years of age, superintended negroes in their work on a tobacco plantation, then he and his mother moved to Adair County, Ky., where he engaged in farming. He remained there until 1829, when he emigrated to Sangamon County, Ill. He was married in Adair County to Miss Panthea B. Rayburn, who was a native of that county, born July 26, 1804, daughter of Robert and Mildred (Brown) Rayburn, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Pennsylvania. Mr. Barnett and his wife were married September 29, 1825, and had children as follows: Virginia B., widow of John Lasswell, resides at 527 South State Street, Springfield; Dulcinea M., Mrs. William King, a widow, lives with her daughter in Gallatin, Davies County, Mo.; Robert M., a banker, is married and resides at Gallatin, Mo. Alexander M. Barnett died in Springfield, June 3, 1883, and his wife died on the farm September 22, 1851. Mr. Barnett was a Republican all his life, and served as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. During the Civil War, he served in the Missouri Home Guards. He is still well remembered by many of the older citizens of Springfield.

Miss Mary J. Barnett has lived in Springfield since 1854, and was for twenty-five years a teacher in the schools of Sangamon County. For almost ten years she held the position of Postmistress in the Cantrall (Ill.) post-office. She now lives at 323 West Cook Street, and is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield, having many friends in church an social circles. She is well known as a woman of culture and refinement, and has interested herself in many worthy and benevolent causes.

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