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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

COLBURN, GEORGE PAUL. - A number of the progressive farmers of Sangamon County are dividing their attention between farming and stock raising, realizing the immense profits to be obtained through the latter line of business, and recognizing the fact that the land there is specially adapted to feeding purposes. One of the men who has made a success of this, as well as kindred lines, is George Paul Colburn, general farmer and stock raiser, section 23 and 24, New Berlin Township, who was born in Loami, Ill., January 2, 1874, being a son of Levi Otis Colburn, a complete history of whom is given elsewhere in this work.

The boyhood days of George Paul Colburn were spent in Loami, where he had the advantage of attending the excellent school of that place, but at the same time he was taught to make himself useful at home. When fifteen years old he began working on a farm by the month. Later he was a barber in Loami, finally operating his own shop for two years. However, he realized that his inclinations were towards farming, so selling his business, he commenced working at farming. The year following he returned to Loami to engage as clerk in a general merchandise establishment. In 1896 the call of the soil again proved too strong and once more he returned to the farm, remaining there until 1905. During all this time Mr. Colburn had saved his money, investing it wisely, so that he had accumulated a sufficient amount to rent 140 acres and start farming on his own account. Under his able management the land yielded a fine crop for the two years he rented. In 1907, Mr. Colburn rented 400 acres owned by L. H. Coleman on Sections 23 and 24, in New Berlin Township.

On April 28, 1910, occurred the marriage of Mr. Colburn and Miss Anna M. Kerr, of Loami. In politics Mr. Colburn is a stanch Republican, while fraternally he is an Odd Fellow, belonging to Lodge No. 901 of Loami, and also to the Maccabees of the same place. He belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church, while his wife is a Presbyterian.

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