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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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DEFRATES, MANUEL - Portugal has given Sangamon County a number of residents, and they are numbered among its most respected and useful people. Some of them have become specialists along certain lines, and the work they produce is second to none in the country. One of the best representatives of this far-away country in Sangamon County is Manuel DeFrates, residing at No. 1102 East Miller Street, Springfield. He was born on the Island of Madeira, Portugal, September 25, 1848, being a son of Anton and Josephine (Greray) DeFrates, both of Portugal. The parents came to Springfield in 1852, where the father became a peddler, thus continuing until his demise in 1905.

Manuel DeFrates was brought up in Springfield, receiving an education in the public schools there. His favorite pastime during boyhood was playing ball. Later he became interested in horses and for fifteen years was engaged in the race horse business. In 1880, however, he began learning the painting and graining business, eventually embarking in this line of work. He has become so proficient along this line that he now specializes on high-class work only. A true artist, eh takes pride in his finished work and his services are in great demand all over the county.

The marriage of Mr. DeFrates occurred in Springfield, in June, 1867, when he was united with Addie Garden, also a native of Portugal, a daughter of Joseph and Frances Garden, natives of the same land. Joseph Garden was a sea captain, who amassed considerable property in New York City, but did not live long to enjoy it, being drowned in the gulf of Mexico, while on one of his voyages. His widow survived him, living until about six years ago, when she too passed away in Springfield. The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. DeFrates: Ervie, Henry, Bonnie, Lulu, George, Fannie and Myrkle.

Mr. DeFrates' religious connections are with the First Portugal Presbyterian Church of Springfield, of which he is a member. In politics he is a Democrat, while fraternally he is a Modern Woodman, having joined in 1900. Quiet in manner, devoted to his work, conscientious in carrying out contracts, Mr. DeFrates has firmly established himself in the confidence of the business public.

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