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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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GAFFIGAN, MICHAEL. - Ireland is well represented in the business life of Springfield, there being men from that land in almost every line of commercial and industrial activity. One who has attained more than the average amount of prosperity is Michael Gaffigan, one of the city's grocers. He was born in County Mayo, Ireland, November 5, 1843, a son of Patrick and Cecilia (Flanerry) Gaffigan, the former born in County Mayo, Ireland, as also was his wife. In 1851, the father came from his native land to Pennsylvania, where he found employment as a coal-miner. He had the misfortune to lose his wife in that State in 1854, but survived until September, 1870, when he, too, passed away, aged fifty-seven years. In July of that year, he had come to Illinois, and the change did not appear to agree with him, and he died two months later. His wife remained in Ireland, with her four children til the year 1853, when she joined her husband in Pennsylvania.

Michael Gaffigan was educated in his native land, and attended school for a short time in Pennsylvania. When a mere boy he went to work in the coal mines, but in 1865 made a trip to Illinois, returning east the next year. During the following fall he returned to Illinois and worked in LaSalle and Peoria at whatever he could find to do. In 1867, he came to Springfield, and in December, 1870, he opened up his present grocery business, which he has since conducted in a profitable manner. In addition to his business, he is also owner of the building in which it is conducted.

Mr. Gaffigan was married in Springfield, Ill., in September, 1875, to Margaret Proctor, who was born in England. After her demise, he married in 1889 Margaret Hickey. The following children have been born to him: James, Tersa, Helen, Patrick, Lizzie; and Cecilia, deceased. Mr. Gaffigan was brought up a Catholic, and has been faithful to his membership in that Church. Politically he is a Democrat. His business relations with the general public have been of a satisfactory character, for his customers know that they can depend upon him, and trust him accordingly. He enjoys a large trade, and knows how to furnish the people what they want at satisfactory prices.

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