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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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GREENAWALT, LEROY. - There are many men in Sangamon County who have devoted themselves to farming, spending their lives at the work, learning it from the foundation up, and therefore have become authorities upon everything pertaining to agricultural matters. One of these men who has amassed a comfortable fortune from his farming, and is regarded as one of the most representative of his class is Leroy Greenawalt, born in the county, February 10, 1858, and now residing on his farm, which occupies portions of Sections 2 and 3, Divernon Township. He is a son of Louis B. and Polly (Holloway) Greenawalt, natives of Kentucky.

The paternal grandfather came from Germany to America in an early day, locating in Kentucky. The maternal grandfather was born in Kentucky, where he died. In 1852, the family migrated to Sangamon County locating in Divernon Township, with the object of securing cheap land. Here the paternal grandfather passed away, aged ninety-two years. The father died on the homestead, aged eighty-three years, and his wife passed away on that same property.

Growing up on the homestead, Leroy Greenawalt attended the country school of his neighborhood, but his interest was centered in farming, and the caring for horses and other kinds of stock. This homestead of 119 acres of rich farm land came into his possession, and he is still improving it, although his fine buildings, neat premises, well kept fences, sleek stock and modern machinery would indicate that but little is ever left undone.

Mr. Greenawalt has never married, but is interested in his two brothers, George, who is a farmer of Sangamon County, and James, a farmer of Kansas. He is a Democrat, and is proud of the fact that he has always voted the straight ticket. Fraternally, he is a member of the Modern Woodmen, the royal Circle and the Odd Fellows. While not connected with any religious organization, Mr. Greenawalt in his daily life sets an example of morality that many a church member might follow with profit, believing in the golden Rule as a guide in business and social intercourse. Pleasant, genial, kind-hearted, Mr. Greenawalt has made countless friends, and probably no enemies. It is such men as he who raise the standard in any community, and their influence once exerted, results in the securing of good government and the enforcement of existing laws.

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