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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

HUBBS, JOSHUA. - The Illinois farmer, be he enterprising and energetic, us usually loath to transfer the control of his operations into other hands, even when he has reached the age that men in other lines of industry would consider advanced years, but when he finally does relinquish his hold on active labor and removes to his residence in the nearby city of village, he soon becomes known as one of the solid, substantial citizens of his new community, and as such is a welcome addition. Joshua Hubbs, a retired agriculturist, now residing at No. 1603 Pasfield street, Springfield, was born February 24, 1833, in Orange County, Ind., a son of Willis and Elizabeth (Releford) Hubbs. Willis Hubbs, whose father came originally from the vicinity of Charleston, was born in Tennessee, from which State he removed to Indiana in 1816, settling on a farm near the present city of New Albany and erecting the first log cabin ever built in the county. Shortly thereafter he removed to Orange County, Ind., where he resided until 1852, then he went to Iowa and remained in that State until 1853, his last years being spent in Morgan County, Ill.

Joshua Hubbs secured his education in the common schools of his native locality in Orange County, Ind., and as a youth worked on the farm of his father. Later, in company with his brother, he became possessed of a large farm in the same county, and this was operated by them until 1852, in which year Joshua Hubbs removed to Marion County, Iowa. One year later he returned to Indiana ut later went to California, and in that State remained for four years, at the end of which time he located in Morgan County, Ill., and resumed farming, having purchased a large farm. Mr. Hubbs remained on this property until 1888, when he located in Springfield, purchasing his present comfortable home, where he now is living retired, his years of hard labor having brought happiness and success. He is the owner of several good farms as well as some valuable city property in Springfield. He and his wife are members of the Baptist Church. In politics Mr. Hubbs is a Democrat, and served for a long period as School Director.

On November 14, 1851, Mr. Hubbs was married in Martin County, Ind., to Rachel Acre, who was born December 8, 1836, in Orange County, that State. Her father, who was born in Tennessee, and her mother, a native of Kentucky, came to Orange County, Ind., and remained there until 1839, when they moved to Martin County, Ind., where they were engaged in farming up to the time of their demise. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbs, who celebrated their golden wedding in 1901, have been the parents of eleven children, of whom eight are now living: Sarah, the wife of William Brown, living on a large farm in Morgan County, Ill.; Ella, the wife of George Wiswell, of Jacksonville, Ill.; Margaret C., who married Everett Burnett, engaged in farming in Morgan County; Minnie, the wife of Charles Jasper living near Manchester, Scott County, Ill.; Euphemia, who married Charles Wood, engaged in farming in Morgan County; Martin L., secretary of the Stuart Oil Company, Chicago; William N., residing in Morgan County; and George F., a resident of Springfield, connected with the well known clothing firm of Meyers Brothers.

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