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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1333

HUNTER, WALTER E. - The tendency of the age is toward specializing, experience having taught that through distinctive training along limited lines, the greatest measure of success is attained. There is no limit placed upon the work. Every line of activity is open to specialization, and one of those who has already made his name known in Illinois as a skilled trainer of horses, is Walter E. Hunter, one of the newer residents of Springfield. Mr. Hunter, whose place of business is located on South Fourth Street, was born in Effingham, Ill., August 11, 1877, the son of James and Mary (Toothacher) Hunter. The father was born in Effingham County, Ill., January 10, 1842, while his wife was born in the same locality, but died in 1893, at the age of thirty-five years. James Hunter served in the Civil War and located in Effingham County at an early day. This has continued to be his home ever since, and he has become prosperous as a farmer and stationary engineer. His work has won for him enviable distinction in his line of business, and he enjoys the respect and confidence of his associates.

Walter E. Hunter attended the schools of Effingham, and Champaign, finally taking the full course in veterinary surgery, at the Illinois State University. Prior to this he had learned the baker's trade, at which he worked for eight years to earn the money for his university course. While at the university he decided upon becoming a horse trainer, and his success has justified his adoption of this profession. His experience has been wide and varied, and while in Effingham County he was easily a leader in his line, as he is in Sangamon since coming there. He had gained a good knowledge of horses on his father's farm in boyhood, and understands them thoroughly.

Mr. Hunter had an interesting experience as a soldier, serving as a non-commissioned officer for eighteen months in the Spanish-American War, in the Phillippines, and was a brave and faithful soldier. He is a Presbyterian and has always been a Republican, but is not an office seeker. His fraternal affiliations are with the Modern Woodmen of America. Although he has left Effingham, Mr. Hunter is still interested in that city, for he owns considerable property there, and it was his home all his life before his location in Springfield.

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