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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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IRWIN, ADOLPHUS QUINTIN. - the financial standing of a community depends upon the solidity of its banking institutions, and as a result the officers of these institutions must be men of upright character and business reputation. Adolphus Quintin Irwin, Cashier of the Pleasant Plains State Bank, President of the Building and Loan Association, belongs to a family that has long been connected with the financial, business and political life of Sangamon County. He was born in Cartwright Township, December 30, 1864, a son of Amos Dick and Rebecca J. (Plunkett) Irwin, and a grandson of Robert S. and Ruth (Combs) Plunkett, pioneers of Sangamon County who located here in 1820 from North Carolina. The Irwin family is also an old one in Illinois, where the general occupation of the family has been that of farming. Mr. Irwin's grandfather was a member of the company commanded by Abraham Lincoln during the Black Hawk War, and was intimately connected with the early history of the State. Adolphus Q. Irwin spent his boyhood on the home farm, going with his parents to Kansas when about five years of age and returning to the farm in 1870. In 1872 the family moved to the village, where Mr. Irwin attended the public school, and in October, 1882, he accepted a position as clerk in a grocery store, later taking charge of the books, and eventually becoming confidential clerk and bookkeeper. He continued in that position until 1887, when he took a position as clerk in the grocery store of McCullough Brothers, No. 124 North Fifth Street, Springfield, later becoming bookkeeper and finally head clerk. He remained with that concern until June, 1891, when on account of illness he went home, and after recuperating accepted a position in a general store. In 1892 he went West, where he remained for one year, and on his return commenced agricultural operations, with his brother as a partner, so continuing for two years, when he went to work for William Lynd, a grocery merchant. In 1896 the stock was sold to John Lehmann, with whom Mr. Irwin continued until the fall of 1904, and in 1905 he accepted a position as bookkeeper in the Greene Bank, of Tallula, a private institution. He had full charge of the books there until June, 1906, when he was tendered the position of Cashier of the Pleasant Plains State Bank, which he accepted, and the bank was then incorporated as a State institution with the following officers: A. Atherton, President; J. H. Irwin, Vice-president; A. Q. Irwin, Cashier; E. J. Atherton, Assistant Cashier; and A. Atherton, J. H. Irwin, W. S. Rearick, J. F. Tomlin, Isaac F. Tomlin and A. Q. Irwin, Directors. The bank's capital is $30,000, and the deposits run as high as $150,000, showing that the people have entire confidence in the institution under its present management.

On June 25, 1903, Mr. Irwin was united in marriage with Frances M. Griffin, who was born in Pleasant Plains July 4, 1876, a daughter of William B. and Malinda (Farris) Griffin, the latter of whom is deceased. Mr. Griffin came from Ohio at an early day and located in Pike County, Ill., there carrying on his trade of wagonmaker until his retirement from active life, since which time he has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. W. S. Hinsley, in Pleasant Plains. Mr. and Mrs. Irwin had one child, Francis Q. Irwin, born April 25, 1905, and on May 12th of that year Mrs. Irwin died. She was a leading member of the Presbyterian Church, while Mr. Irwin is affiliated with the Christian denomination. In political matters he is a Republican and for some years has been a member of the Village Board of Trustees. For many years he was Secretary of the Building and Loan Association, and in July, 1906, was elected President of that body. In addition to his various other operations he farms a tract of 100 acres of fine land.

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