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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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KREIGH, ELIE M., JR. (deceased). - The merchants of Springfield have from earliest times profited from existing conditions. The constantly growing population has created a demand for household supplies, which they have bought from local merchants. The business of the city has more than kept pace with its growth in other directions, and this is largely due to the efforts of those who have had matters of this kind in charge. One of the best known stove and hardware merchants there was the late E. M. Kreigh, Jr., born in Hagerstown, Md., January 22, 1843, a son of E. M. Kreigh, Sr., and Mary Ann Kreigh, natives of Hagerstown. The father brought his family to Springfield, April 12, 1855, and lived in Sangamon County the rest of his life. At his death he was survived by a widow and two children, a son and daughter.

The education of E. M. Kreigh was secured in the Springfield schools, and when he left school he went into his father's stove and tinware business, becoming so well versed in it that when the latter died he was able to assume full charge. He continued in the same line until his own demise, branching out and increasing the volume of his sales. A keen, shrewd business man, he was able to meet and overcome every obstacle, and when he died he was one of the largest operators in his line in this part of the State. In the very prime of life, which was so filled with good things for him, Mr. Kreigh was called away August 12, 1906, and his remains were laid to rest in beautiful Oak Ridge Cemetery, where they are marked by an imposing monument. He belonged to Capital Lodge No. 14, K. of P., of Springfield. The Christian Church had in him an earnest, steadfast member. Although a stanch Democrat and active in his party, he did not care for office of any kind.

Mr. Kreigh was married in Jacksonville, Ill., October 4, 1864, to Helen Pyatt, born there July 17, 1845, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann Pyatt, the former born in Pittsburg, Pa., May 18, 1821, and the latter in Paris, Ky., January 2, 1821. Mr. and Mrs. Kreigh had the following children: Charles B., born November 6, 1867; Mary Catherine, born September 15, 1876, married Dr. Moulton, and has two children. Mrs. Kreigh owns her pleasant home at No. 207 South Walnut street, as well as other city realty. Her husband left her exceedingly well provided for, and it is a pleasure to her to recall how anxious he was to secure her comfort through hard work and untiring devotion to business.

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