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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

LOCHRIDGE, ROBERT HENRY, an energetic and successful farmer of Section 5, Auburn Township, Sangamon County, Ill., was born in the county, January 17, 1850, son of John Milton and Jane (Nuckolls) Lochridge, who lived on a farm in Chatham Township. The family were early settlers of Sangamon County, and the grandfather of Robert H. Lochridge, John Lochridge, was born in Virginia. He was married, in Kentucky, to Margie Killough, and in 1826 they moved to Owen County, Ind., and thence to Sangamon County, where they arrived October 20, 1838. To them were born eight children, all deceased, except Mrs. S. Steele, of Indiana.

John Milton Lochridge was born in Montgomery County, Ky., January 15, 1814, and in 1837 came to Sangamon County, Ill., where he purchased a farm. He became one of the leading farmers and representative men of the southern part of the county. He was married July 2, 1840, to Miss Jane Nuckolls, and to this union were born five sons and three daughters, and four of these children survive: the three daughters died in infancy; John William died December 17, 1905; James Monroe, a soldier in the Civil War, now lives in Auburn; Andrew H., retired and living in Auburn; Robert H.; Charles E., a farmer living near Amelia, Tex. John Milton Lochridge was an industrious and thrifty farmer and at the time of his death owned 340 acres of fine land. He was often elected to township offices, and served several terms as a member of the Board of Supervisors. He was a Republican in politics. He acquitted himself ably and honorably of all the duties of public and private life and was one of the most honored and trusted men of his day. He lived to see many changes take place in the county and township, being a resident of the county from 1837 until the date of his death, November 9, 1905. His widow survived him but a short time and passed away December 24, 1905.

An ancestor of Mr. Lochridge, his great grandfather, John Lochridge, was a soldier in the Revolution, taking part in the Battles of Guilford Court House, Cowpens, and many others, and in later life drew a pension for his services. He lived in Virginia and was married there. Since the family came to Sangamon County they have been actively interested in measures of public interest and contributed their share to the progress and development of the community in which they have lived. They have been active in church and religious matters, helping in the building of churches and schools, and have always been identified with the uplifting and educating of the people. John Milton Lochridge and his wife lived in Sangamon County over sixty-five years, happy and contented, and in their later years were surrounded by their children, who had settled on neighboring farms.

The younger days of Robert H. Lochridge were spent on the farm where he was born, he attended the district school and helped with the work on the farm, beginning to follow the plow at the age of eight years. He remained on the farm until twenty-two years old, then was married, May 3, 1871, to Miss Ellan Hough, who was born in Lewis County, N.Y., July 22, 1853, daughter of Horace and Emily (Rich) Hough. She has no recollection of her mother who died when she was a child. After their marriage Mr. Lochridge and his wife settled on a farm in Ball Township, where they lived until 1884, then sold out and moved to Kansas, but returned in 1887 to the scenes of his boyhood days and settled on a farm in Section 5, Auburn Township. He improved the land and erected a beautiful home.

Mr. Lochridge is a member of the I.O.O.F. and his wife belongs to the Rebekah Lodge. He now has 160 acres of land in a high state of cultivation and raises a good grade of stock. For the past five years he has made a specialty of the Duroc Jersey hogs. He shipped 56 head of these hogs raised by him, receiving $9.55 per hundred weight, May 3, 1910, and these hogs averaged a weight of 300 pounds.

One child blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Lochridge, Emily Daisy, born December 9, 1876, who was married, June 4, 1896, to Benjamin F. Lewis, a native of Auburn Township. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have two children: Robert Lochridge and Benjamin Wilbur, born respectively, July 21, 1905, and May 17, 1910. They reside on the home farm of the parents. Mr. Lochridge and his wife and daughter are all active members of the Presbyterian Church of Auburn, and Mrs. Lochridge belongs to the Ladies' Aid Society. Mr. Lochridge is a stanch Republican and has always voted for the suppression of the liquor traffic. He has never used tobacco or liquor in any form and is a man of good principles and high character.

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