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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1405

LUECK, HERMAN - One feature of Springfield that contributes towards its material prosperity is the location there of men of substance, who have retired from the activities of business, but are able, because of their leisure, to give more time and attention to civic affairs. One of the retired capitalists of this city is Herman Lueck, one of the German-American residents of Sangamon County. Mr. Lueck was born September 23, 1845, a native of Germany, where his parents were also born. He is a son of Frederick and Frederica (Seigan-Hanger) Lueck, the former born January 15, 1815. By trade the father was a tailor, and he came to America in 1867, locating in Baltimore, where he hoped to establish himself in his line of business, but, not finding conditions favorable, came to Springfield, which has since been his home. Although he is now ninety-five years of age, he enjoys good health and is one of the honored residents of the city. He served his regulation time in the German army, as did his son Herman.

Herman Lueck was educated in his native land and was taught the tailoring trade, at which he worked until the family emigration to America in 1867, and for a short time in Springfield. Then he obtained employment with the Wabash Railroad Company, and continued with them until his retirement. All his life he has been animated by a desire to do his full duty, and his efforts have been rewarded with more than the usual measure of success.

On June 9, 1876, Mr. Lueck was married, in Springfield, to Pauline Alexander, born in West Prussia, May 9, 1847. Her father came to America and direct to Springfield, where he resided until his death, in 1909. The mother had passed away in Germany. Three children survive of the five born to Mr. and Mrs. Lueck; Arthur R.; Albert F., an electrician, and Josephine, wife of William Schnepp, a shoe merchant of Springfield. Mr. Lueck is a Democrat, but has not been willing to allow his name to be used on the party ticket. For many years he has been one of the liberal supporters of Trinity German Lutheran Church, and is highly esteemed in it, as he is throughout Sangamon County.

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