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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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MCCARTHY, JOHN C. - Fully eighty per cent of the immigrants to Illinois of a quarter century or more ago, looked towards agriculture as a means of solving the problem of getting a start in their new homes. Many had already learned to farm, and others felt sure that the soil of the great prairie state would yield abundant harvest in return for their trouble and hard work. They were not mistaken, for some of the most substantial fortunes have been won from the ground, and when farming did not pay, kindred lines did. One of the retired farmers of Springfield who proved to his own satisfaction what Sangamon County could do for those who had faith in its future, is John C. McCarthy, one of the substantial men of his locality. He was born in Ireland, November 29, 1833, a son of Charles and Ellen (Deneen) McCarthy, who lived and died in their native land.

After receiving an education in the public schools of his native parish, and being taught to farm on his father's place, John C. McCarthy came to the United States, landing in New York, whence he went to Pittsburg, but in short order he left to come west to Springfield. For the first few years he was in Sangamon County he worked for farmers, then, having saved some money, he bought land and added to it until he was one of the wealthy landowners of his region. He finally retired to Springfield, where he bought a nice home on West Washington Street. He also owns other desirable residence and business property in the city.

On February 23, 1876, occurred the marriage, in Springfield, of Mr. McCarthy and Johanna Sullivan, born in Ireland. Her parents were natives of County Cork who never came to this country. Mrs. McCarthy passed away September 13, 1907, a most worthy, good woman, and devoted to her home and family. Three children were born to her and her husband: John J., bookkeeper for the Klaholt Shoe Company, married Lucy Trotter, four children: Nellie A., and Catherine, both living at home. Mr. McCarthy is a member of St. Agnes Catholic Church, in which he stands high. He has always been a Democrat and supports the candidates of his party loyally. Although he has attained an advanced age, he is enjoying good health and is surrounded by the comforts of his own industry earned.

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