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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1439

MCFARLAND, DR. JOHN D. , a veterinary surgeon and substantial citizen of New Berlin, Ill., is one of the men who has contributed largely towards the development and advancement of the stock-raising business in his community, through his professional services. He was born in the village of Fowler, Trumbull County, Ohio, October 1, 1884, being a son of Arthur J. and Mary A. (Baldwin) McFarland. The father was of Irish extraction, his father having come from the north of Ireland to settle in Ohio, where there were a large number of McFarlands. Arthur J. McFarland was reared on a farm, but later in life took up railroad work at Fowler, with the Lake Shore Railroad Company. He became an expert telegrapher, and still later went to California, becoming the first operator at Oakland, that State, for a new railroad. So efficient was he, that promotion followed rapidly and he was second in line for the office of General Passenger Agent of the road, when his father's poor health made him return to Fowler to take up the management of the home farm. Here he lived until 1896, when he went to Cortland, Ohio, to embark in the poultry business. He is now handling over a thousand White Leghorn hens and making a success of it, as he has always done of any calling he has followed. Hard work and thrift have resulted very satisfactorily in his case. Always a Republican, he has been identified with the best interests of the several communities in which he has resided, and for a number of years has served as a member of the School Board. For some years Mr. McFarland has been a Christian Scientist. Fraternally he is a Mason. He and his wife were the parents of two children, Dr. McFarland and Roy, the latter a court reporter of Chicago, with brilliant prospects.

After attending the district schools of Fowler until he was twelve years old, Dr. McFarland had the advantage of going to school in Courtland. In 1900 he went to Chicago to enter the employ of Swift & Company, later going with the Oliver Typewriter Co9mpany, as a mechanic, thus continuing until 1904, when he entered the Chicago Veterinary college, taking a full three years' course and graduating in the Class of 1907. He earned his way through college by working during his vacations with the Oliver people. After graduating he located at Athens, Ill., going in October of that same year to Clinton County, and establishing himself there, even buying a home, but his wife's health failing, he sold his home and practice and came to New Berlin in October, 1909. His success has been remarkable and through his skill many valuable animals have been saved. Expert knowledge like his lessens the risks of handling stock and induces farmers to invest in high-grade breeds. His office and laboratory are fitted with all modern appliances known to his profession, and no veterinary in the county is better equipped to care for suffering and sick animals placed in his charge.

Dr. McFarland was married June 10, 1908, to Ethel B. Cantrall, of Athens, Ill., a daughter of Jasper Cantrall, one of the leading men of Athens. Dr. McFarland is a Republican, but has not gone before the public for office. Fraternally he is a Mason, belonging to Loami Lodge, No. 450, and to the Modern Woodmen of America of New Berlin. In addition to his professional interests Dr. McFarland owns 240 acres of land in Arkansas, and is a stockholder and promoter of the New Berlin Driving Association. Energetic and enthusiastic, he is devoted to his work and has a large practice throughout Sangamon and Morgan Counties. He is well read, owning a large library and subscribing for many magazines, some of a professional nature, and enjoys their contents. He and his wife have a number of warm personal friends and stand high in their community.

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