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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

MCGINNIS, MRS. BRIDGET, of Springfield, Ill., was born in County Sligo, Ireland, in July, 1847, daughter of John and Anna (Toher) Meer, both also natives of that county, the father born in 1821 and the mother in 1822. He died in 1897 and she died at age of ninety-three years. Neither of them left their native land. They were the parents of eleven children, of whom Bridget was the second in order of birth. They are: Mary, wife of Michael McLaughlin, living in Ireland; Bridget; Anna, wife of John Joyce, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Thomas, also of Philadelphia; Michael, of Ireland; Sarah died in Ireland, at a tender age; John, of Ireland; Katherine, wife of John Kelly, of Ireland; Nellie, wife of John Walsh, of Ireland; Betty died young; Patrick lives in Michigan.

Bridget Meer was married in the Catholic Church in Mahanoy, Pa., by Rev. Father McAvoy, in August of the year following the assassination of President Lincoln, to John McGinnis, who was born in County Sligo, Ireland, in 1829, and died September 12, 1903. The records of his family have bene lost and his widow is unable to give the names of his ancestors or data relative to them. Mr. McGinnis came to America as a boy and located first at Scranton, Pa., and later moved to Mahanoy. He and his wife came to Dixon, Ill., and thence to LaSalle, and later lived for a time at Streator, Braidwood, and Barclay, and finally located in Springfield, where they located permanently. He followed mining all his active life and was an industrious, reliable citizen. He had a sister Bridget, who married Patrick Eagen and lives in Nebraska.

Five children were born to Mr. McGinnis and wife, of whom all are deceased except one. They were three daughters and two sons, namely: Anna, born in May, 1866, died in June, 1903; John, a coal miner, born in 1869, died April 19, 1896; Katherine, born in September, 1872, died in 1894; Patrick, born in 18781, a coal miner, died in February, 1908; Mary, born June 2, 1876, lives at home with her mother. Mary McGinnis is most devoted to her mother's comfort and welfare and has given up all her personal tastes and ambitions to administer to her parent in the latter's old age. Both are members of St. Joseph's Catholic Church and are earnest workers in its cause. They are refined, cultured women and have many personal friends. The husband and father died at his home in Springfield and Mrs. and Miss McGinnis now reside at 1834 North Ninth Street.

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