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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1484:

NETTLETON, WILLIAM - Many Englishmen, not finding in their native land the opportunities for which they are seeking, emigrate to their colonies or to the United States, where they can find an opening and establish themselves in life. Some of those who come to this country select in Springfield or its contiguous territory a home, and few if any are dissatisfied with results. One of those who have thus acted is William Nettleton, a gardener on Section 2, Woodside Township, whose ten acres of land, two miles from Springfield, is worth $900 for acre. He was born in Yorkshire, England, November 22, 1854, a son of William and Hannah (Thompson) Nettleton, born in Yorkshire and Dunnington, England, respectively.

The father was a groom, who made a specialty of taking care of fine horse, but died in his native land, when his son was only twelve years old, his widow still surviving, making her home in England at the age of eighty-two years. She bore her husband six children, two sons and four daughters, all of whom survived, although William Nettleton is the only one who came to this country. The latter was educated in England and early began to earn his own living in his native country, working as a signal man for the London & Northwestern Railroad for several years. In 1873, he sailed from Liverpool, landing in New York, after a voyage occupying thirteen days. After reaching new York he came west to Michigan where he remained two years, there learning the broom-making business, and working at his trade for some time in Hillsdale and Tecumseh, Mich. After this he spent a short time in both St. Louis and St. Charles, Mo., after which he came to Springfield to take up farming, also working at the broom-making business. In 1884 he bought some land in Springfield Township, which has continued to be his home. His ten acres yield him a larger income that many large farms, because he knows how to make every inch bring forth its biggest possible crop. His product meets with ready sale because of its superior quality and easy access to market.

Mr. Nettleton was married in Springfield, at Saint Paul's Pro-Cathedral, November 21, 1878, to Lavinia Price, born in England, October 11, 1855, but brought by an uncle and aunt from her native land when twelve years old, being than an orphan. Mrs. And Mrs. Nettleton became the parents of twelve children, eleven of whom are living, viz.: Nettie, wife of John Welsh, of Springfield; Charles, of Springfield, Amy, wife of Harry Sauer, a fireman on the Wabash Railroad; Harry of Springfield; Alice, wife of George Solle of Springfield; Jessie, a stenographer for Edwin A. Wilson of Springfield; Hannah, at home; William, George, Jean and Helen, also at home. There are three grandchildren in the family. The family are members of the St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Springfield, and are active in church work. Mr. Nettleton is a fine type of the sturdy Yorkshireman, and is proud of his native land, as he is also attached to the one in which he has succeeded so well and in which his children have been born.

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