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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1492

JOHN M. NOLAN - The grocery business is one that requires sagacity and foresight, as well as a knowledge of existing demands, for its successful prosecution. To outstrip competitors a grocer must buy carefully and be able to sell at a close margin. Some of the most enterprising men of Springfield have engaged in this line of activity, and one who has made considerable progress is John M. Nolan, whose place of business is at the corner of Thirteenth and Cass Streets. He was born in Fancy Creek Township, Sangamon County, Ill., March 6, 1881, a son of Michael and Ellen (Madden) Nolan, both natives of Sangamon County.

John M. Nolan attended St. Mary's School and the Springfield Business College, completing his commercial course at the age of sixteen years, and for four years clerked in the store of George S. Connolly. For the next ten years he was with J. M. Fitzgerald, obtaining a wide and varied experience with these two enterprising business men, so that when, in 1908, he embarked in business for himself, he was able to do so with a full knowledge of his work. Since then he has built up a large trade and enjoys the confidence of his customers, who know they can depend upon him for fair and honest treatment. So successful has he been that he has enlarged his store and greatly increased his stock.

Mr. Nolan is a member of the Roman Catholic Church and one of its most liberal supporters. The Democratic party receives his vote and he is active in its work. His associations with the Knights of Columbus are very agreeable and he has now passed the Fourth Degree in the order, and was formerly an officer. Mr. Nolan has already accomplished much, and his future spreads out before him invitingly. There is no doubt that he will impress himself vigorously upon the business life of the city, in which he is now an important factor.

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