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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

PAPE, CHARLES HENRY, a highly esteemed farmer of Cotton Hill Township, Sangamon County, Ill., is a self-made man and has been very successful in his operations. He was born in the Province of Westphalia, Prussia, Germany, February 2, 1840, son of Charles H. and Caroline Pape, both natives of that country, who came to the United States in 1848 and subsequently settled in Monroe County, Ill., where both died. The grandparents all died in Germany. Charles henry Pape was eight years of age when his parents came to America and he was reared by his mother's brother in Germany, where he received his education. At the age of eighteen years he came to America and spent three years with his parents in Monroe County, then removed to St. Louis, where he obtained employment as fireman for a railroad company. He spent twenty-two years in this line, being promoted to the position of engineer. About 1883 he came to Sangamon County and engaged in farming and later came to his present home. He was always fond of outdoor life and has been successful as a farmer. He owns eighty-three acres of land, which he has brought to a high state of cultivation, and still is active in carrying on his farm, although he has reached the age where many men retire.

Mr. Pape has been twice married, (first) in St. Louis, to Lizzie White, who died in that city in 1865, having had three children: Charles, married Rose Rape, and they have three children - Lena, August and Adda; William, married Pet Barker and they have seven children - Earl, Harry, Jessie, Virgil, Dee, Harley and Annie; Lizzie, married John Haines and they have five children - Verne, Goldie, Grace, Viola, Clara and Virgil. Mr. Pape's second marriage took place August 30, 1874, when he was united with Antoinette Theresa Vogel, a native of St. Louis, and they became parents of children as follows: Louisa, born June 7, 1875, married Tom Funderburk, and they have four children - Ray, Carrie, Glenn and Wiley; Henry, born April 26, 1877, married Kate Jones and they have three children - Lewis, George and May; Emma, born September 4, 1879, married Bert Delay, and they have three children - Cecil, Gladys and Ross; Clemmon O., born May 21, 1882, at home; Otto, born October 18, 1885, married Bertha Boardman, and they have one child, Gordon; Clara, born February 28, 1891, at home; three children died in infancy. The oldest son, Charles, is a grandfather, as his daughter Lena is married and has three children, making Charles H. Pape a great-grandfather, in which fact he takes great pride. He and his wife have given their children the best educational advantages within their power.

Mr. Pape and his wife are members of the Lutheran Church but most of the children have joined the Methodist Church. He is a Democrat in general politics, but votes for the principle rather than for party. While living in Montgomery County, he served as Road Commissioner, otherwise he has taken little part in public affairs. He is a member of the masonic Order and of the Brotherhood of Engineers. He is genial and pleasant in manner and has formed many warm friendships since coming to Sangamon County, being recognized as a man of upright character and true worth.

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