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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

PLUMMER, NATHAN (deceased), who was for many years successfully engaged in farming was highly esteemed for his sterling qualities and high character, and honored as a veteran of the Civil War. Mr. Plummer was born near Columbus Ohio, a son of Nathan and Elizabeth Plummer, also natives of that State. The father, who was a farmer, carried on this occupation in Ohio and was accidentally killed in a runaway, following which his widow brought her children to Sangamon County and located on a farm in Cotton Hill Township. There were two sons and five daughters in the family, all of whom are now deceased.

During his boyhood days Nathan Plummer worked on the farm for his mother, and his education was received in Sangamon County. During the early part of the Civil War he enlisted in Company E, Forty-third Illinois Volunteer Infantry, which was later consolidated with the Fifty-third Regiment at Guntown, Miss., after the battle at that place, where the Forty-third was nearly annihilated, and Mr. Plummer served until the close of the war, being under the command of Gen. Sherman. He participated in many important battles, but was never wounded, nor taken prisoner. He was mustered out at Louisville, Ky., and finally discharged at Chicago.

At the close of the war Mr. Plummer returned to Cotton Hill Township and resumed farming. He carried on the farm where his widow now resides until his death, and was known as an industrious and able farmer. He was married in Springfield, Ill., in October, 1860, to Miss Emily Furnell, born in Dover, Del., August 26, 1840, daughter of Jonathan and Sallie Ann (Clayton) Purnell, the father born near Hagerstrom, Md., and the mother at Smyrna, Del. Mr. Purnell was a farmer and in 1857 removed with his family to Sangamon County, Ill., and carried on farming in Cotton Hill Township until his death. Both he and his wife are now deceased. There were two sons and five daughters in the Purnell family and four daughters and one son now survive, namely: Samuel is engaged in farming in Christian County; Mrs. Plummer; Mrs. Susan Bosford, of Cotton Hill Township; Mrs. Adelaide Hawlett, whose husband is a farmer in Cotton Hill Township; a sketch of whom appears in these pages. To Mr. Plummer and wife, five daughters and three sons were born, of whom the following survive: Elizabeth, wife of Osborn Boyd, of Girard, Kan.; Nathan, of Rochester; Addie, wife of John Fogle, of Rochester; Sallie, wife of Charles Patterson, of Pawnee; Samuel, at home with his mother; Della, wife of Orrin Richards, of Cotton Hill Township. In the family are seventeen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, namely: Marie, Helen, Cecil and Iva Plummer, children of Nathan Plummer; Samuel, Rosie James, Emma and Ralph Richards, children of Orrin Richards; Myrtle, daughter of Osborn and Mrs. Boyd, is the wife of Edward Langdon, and they have one child, Edna Boyd; Essie, wife of Charles Rodgers, the daughter of Chester Huddleston, and Eliza Plummer, deceased, has two children, Walter and Elma Goodman; Harry, Gladys, and Beatrice Fogle, are children of Mrs. Fogle; Samuel Plummer married Maggie Wooley, born near Cantrall, Sangamon County, and they have three children, Charles, Irene and Earl.

(Note: The article indicates that Mr. Plummer married Emily Furnell however, the names is shown as Purnell in the remainder of the article.)

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