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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1548

REAVLEY, ROBERT, a prosperous and well known citizen of Riverton, Ill., now holds the position of County Mine Inspector, to which he was appointed in 1908. Mr. Reavley was born in Springfield, Sangamon County, March 10, 1875, son of Thomas and Jane (Hughes) Reavley, the former born in Pennsylvania, in 1836, and the latter born in Wales, in 1839. The father was a miner, but is now living retired from active life. The parents are both now living in Riverton, where they have resided for several years. The mother came to the United States at the age of twelve years, and after spending a few years in the East, came to LaSalle County, Ill., where she met Mr. Reavley, who had come during the Civil War. They were there married and the father enlisted in an Illinois Regiment, serving three months. At the close of the war he engaged in mining and lived thirty-five years in Springfield, then moved to his present home.

In boyhood Robert Reavley worked in the mines, which occupation he has followed all his life until a few years ago, when he became an inspector. He received his education in the public schools of Riverton, but left school for work at an early age. He is largely a self-made man and has made te most of his opportunities for mental and material improvement. He is largely self-educated and has learned much in the school of experience. He is well informed in the business he has followed all his life and has made an exhaustive study of methods and desirable conditions under which the work should be directed. He is able to state his ideas with clearness and vigor, and performs his official duties in an able manner, realizing that much depends upon his sound judgment and careful investigation. He owns a very pretty and comfortable home in Riverton, besides other property. He is a member of the Methodist Church and in politics is a Republican. Fraternally he is prominent in the Masonic Order, being affiliated with Lodge No. 756, at Riverton, and is also a member of Lodge 445, I.O.O.F.

April 21, 1894, mr. Reavley was married, at Riverton, to Alice Safford, born in that village September 1, 1878, whose parents came form the East and both are now deceased. Mr. Safford was an engineer by occupation. Four children have blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Reavley: Lester, Joseph, Irene and a baby born April 29, 1911.

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