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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1623

SIX, H. A. - Realty values in Springfield have risen steadily from the days when the Capital City was but a little hamlet and the imposing State House was only a dream of the future. Now city lots are held for prices that would have made the pioneers marvel, and farm lands adjacent are benefitted thereby. Because of this activity the realty business has enlisted the services of some of Sangamon County's representative men, and one who has specialized on it and the handling of horses is H. A. Six, an important factor in the life of Springfield. He was born at Winchester, Scott County, Ill., December 31, 1870, son of John W. and Nancy (Clifton) Six, natives of Scott County and Naples, Ill. The Six family have been residents of Scott County since pioneer days. The parents of H. A. Six lived there until fifteen years since, when they moved to Moultrie County, Ill., which is now their place of residence. They are farming people and own a nice farm.

H. A. Six went to the country schools, and grew up in Scott County. He came to Springfield in 1903, establishing himself in a boot and shoe and gents' furnishing goods business, but in 1907, realizing the better opportunities of his present line of work, he sold out and entered this field. He has been remarkably successful in all his business dealings and owes much of his prosperity to the fact that he always gives the "other man" a square deal and cane be implicitly trusted.

On June 19, 1895, Mr. Six was united in marriage, in Macon County, Ill., to Maud Bromley, born near Decatur, Ill., daughter of F. D. Bromley, a farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Six are the parents of three children: Roy, fifteen years old; Joe, thirteen years old; and Frank, ten. In politics Mr. Six is a Republican. His life has been so filled with business details that he has had no time for fraternal diversions. His business and his home round out his time, but his friends always find him genial and ready to lend a helping hand whenever they are in trouble or affliction visits their homes. Such men as he tend to raise the standards of morality and to develop good government.

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