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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1624

SMITH, ALBERT - A number of the farmers of Sangamon County, after spending a number of years in agricultural pursuits, have retired from their farms to take up some other line of work. This is true in the case of Albert Smith, one of the reliable men of Springfield, now engaged in house-moving and teaming. He was born at Burlington, Iowa, August 10, 1848, a son of Evans and Mary M. (Church) Smith, natives of the States of Iowa and Indiana, respectively. The father was a farmer, who early settled near Burlington, where he farmed until his death, and his widow died in Springfield in 1898. There were four children in the family, three daughters and a son, but Albert Smith and his sister, Mrs. Hackett, of Springfield, are the only survivors.

Albert Smith went to school in Iowa and worked on his father's farm. In 1850 he moved to Christian County, Ill., where he worked on various farms, eventually coming to Sangamon County. He farmed until he located in Springfield, where for thirteen years he has conducted a flourishing house-moving and teaming business.

In 1893 Mr. Smith was married in Springfield, to Carrie Young, born in Macon County, Ill., daughter of Frank Young. He was an early settler of Illinois, who engaged in farming in Macon County, continuing there until his death. Mrs. Young is also deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had a son born to them, Albert, of Chicago. In 1900 she passed away, having been a most sweet and lovely woman, and a true Christian in every way.

Mr. Smith is a Roman Catholic. Politically he is a Democrat, but was a personal admirer of Abraham Lincoln from the time he first saw him and made his acquaintance. Mr. Smith was one of the many who gathered to pay their last respects to Mr. Lincoln at the saddest funeral Illinois ever knew. The pleasant family residence at No. 2305 East Kansas Street is owned by Mr. Smith. He has always been devoted to his work and has striven hard to do what he believed to be right, consequently has prospered, for nothing profits more in the end than strict honesty and fair dealing.

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