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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1672

TURNER, ALFRED B. - One of the distinctive features about Springfield is the location there of men who have retired from farming. These retired agriculturists make excellent, conservative citizens, whose ideas receive respectful attention. One of the representative men of this class is Alfred B. Turner, of No. 2108 South Fourteenth Street. He was born in Morgan County, Ill., December 16, 1832, being a son of John and Ruth (Downing) Turner, natives of Madison County, Ky., and Virginia. The father was also a farmer and moved to Morgan County at an early day, being one of the pioneers of that locality. Entering land from the Government, he became one of the prosperous farmers of the county, dying there after a useful life. Here, too, his wife passed away. They had eleven children, six sons and five daughters, but in addition to Mr. Turner, but one survives, Mrs. Almira McMahon of Morgan County. John Turner served in the Indian wars, and both grandfathers of Mr. Turner were in the Revolutionary War, serving under Gen. Washington.

Alfred B. Turner was educated in Morgan County and taught farming. After he left home he bought forty acres in Morgan County, operating this farm until his retirement in 1903, when he settled in Springfield, buying his present residence.

The marriage of Mr. Turner occurred in Morgan County, March 13, 1853, to Esther J. Jones, born there February 19, 1837, daughter of Wakeman Jones. He was a descendant of English stock and his wife of Scottish stock. They came to America, first settling in Virginia, but soon moved to Tennessee, and later to Morgan County, Ill., where the father engaged in farming. Later he came to Sangamon County, where both he and his wife died. Three children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Henry, of Waverly, a shoemaker by trade; Harvey, of Springfield, and one who died. There are two living grandchildren in the family. Mr. Turner is a Democrat. He belongs to the Baptist Church while his wife is a Methodist. A most excellent man, he has worked hard all his life and is certainly entitled to the rest he now enjoys.

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