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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Transcribed by Patty Gaddis

WADSWORTH, JOHN T., (deceased). - The mining interests of Sangamon County are of such a nature as to engage the attention of a number of reliable and substantial men. Many of the English residents of Springfield have invested largely in mining properties, and their names are connected with some of the most profitable mines in the vicinity. One of the men who, when living, bore his part in the development of the mines at Athens, Ill., was the late John T. Wadsworth, who at the time of his death held the responsible position of superintendent. He was born in County Durham, England, January 25, 1842, being a son of Samuel and Eliza Wadsworth, also of England. The latter and his wife never left England, where they brought up their fourteen children, died and were buried.

John T. Wadsworth attended the schools of his native place and early engaged in mining, which continued his life work. Coming to the United States at the age of twenty years, he located at once at Springfield, which remained his home, with the exception of a short time spent at Athens, where he met his death through accident. His duties as superintendent called him to one of the lower levels, and when he was in the cage coming up, the engineer lost control of the engine, the cage upset, and Mr. Wadsworth was thrown to the bottom of the shaft, being killed instantly. This sad accident, which plunged all of Athens in gloom, occurred October 21, 1901. He had been a stockholder in several mines in the vicinity of Springfield and Greenview, Ill., and was a man of considerable means, although he had earned all he had through his own efforts. He was a member of Adinah Lodge No. 91, I.O.O.F., of Streator, Ill. His religious home was in the Methodist Church of Athens.

On November 26, 1867, Mr. Wadsworth married, in Springfield, Ill., Elizabeth a. Charlton, born in Pennsylvania, August 16, 1845, a daughter of Foster and Leah Hinde Charlton, natives of County Durham, England, who came to Pennsylvania some years previous to Mrs. Wadsworth's birth. Mr. Charlton died in 1845, and in 1848 his widow married Thos. Hutton. The Hutton family moved from Pennsylvania to Brunswick, Canada, where they lived for ten years and then came to Springfield. The father died in Tallula, Ill., and the mother died in Greenview, Ill. Mr. Hutton was connected with one mine in the vicinity of Springfield, also one at Greenview and at Tallula, Ill. There were three sons and one daughter in the Hutton family. No children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth, but they adopted a son and raised a girl, the former, John H., now making his home with Mrs. Wadsworth. The family residence, at No. 1154 North Fourth Street, is owned by Mrs. Wadsworth. Mr. Wadsworth was a good business man, and as superintendent earned the good will and confidence of his men, who felt his loss very deeply. He had the sterling traits of character that have made Englishmen such good colonists the world over, and his memory is held in deepest respect throughout Sangamon County by those who knew him.

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