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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

This biography was submitted by a researcher and are abstracted from the above named publication.. Errors could occur, so one should always verify the correctness by obtaining copies of vitals and performing all necessary research to document what is contained herein.

WILSON, JOHN T., one of the prosperous and representative farmers of Sangamon County, is residing on Section 14, Island Grove township, but was born in buffalo Hart Township, May 2, 1859, son of Thomas Wilson. The latter was a native of Scotland, having been born in Sochmaben, November 4, 1817, a son of James Wilson, also a native of Scotland, who married Jane Frood. In 1842, Thomas Wilson left Scotland for America, and after two years spent in eastern cities, in 1844 landed in Sangamon County. James Wilson continued to make his home with his children until his death. Thomas Wilson, upon coming to Sangamon County, bought land in Clear Lake Township, where on January 15, 1850, he married Miss Jane riddle, who was born in Logan County, Ohio, April 14, 1828. When but a child of nine she was brought in 1837, by her parents, to Sangamon County. The Riddle family then moved to Oregon in 1851. Mr. Riddle was a very prominent man, and when a railroad was built through his section, a town was called after him. Mrs. Wilson was one of ten children. After marriage Thomas Wilson and wife began their life together in Clear Lake Township, but later sold, buying land in Mechanicsburg Township, and in 1859 moved to Buffalo Hart Township. There John T. Wilson was born soon after their arrival. Mr. Wilson became the owner of 375 acres of rich farm land, and for ten years served as a member of the Board of Supervisors from Buffalo Hart Township, being elected on the Democratic ticket. He and his wife were of the old Scotch Presbyterian faith, in which he died March 18, 1901, his wife having passed away May 27, 1892. He was a wise, conservative man, whose love of justice made him give everyone a just meed of praise for deeds accomplished. Their children were as follows: an unnamed infant; Jane F. and Maximilla, twins, born April 4, 1852, the latter dying in fancy, but the former living to marry John R. Enos, of Denver, Col.; William R., born August 7, 1855, died in 1901; James, born October 28, 1857, died in infancy; John T.; Lillian H., born September 24, 1861, married Robert Constant, of Denver, Col.

John T. Wilson grew up on his father's farm, attending the district school and later Springfield Business College. He remained at home until he attained his majority, then rented land and began farming for himself, later taking full charge of the homestead. He was married December 17, 1890, to Jennie L. Taylor, born in William Township, January 21, 1871, daughter of Martin V. Taylor, now living retired, but formerly a prosperous farmer of the county. The Taylor children were as follows: J. Orville, born October 16, 1866, and now principal of the McClernand School of Springfield, married Jennie Oleson, and have three children: William A., born April 13, 1869, married Mary Prittle and they live on the homestead; Mrs. Wilson; Alice M., widow of Charles N. Tilbury, who now resides with her father in Springfield; Savilla, also at home.

When Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were married they remained in buffalo Hart Township until the death of the elder mr. Wilson, but later bought 160 acres on Section 14, island Grove Township, and from this time on have done everything they could to improve their property, erecting a handsome nine-room house, with all modern improvements. There, with their one son, they reside in plenty and happiness. This promising young man, Thomas Taylor, was born September 23, 1892, and is being finely educated for any position he may be called upon to fill. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and son are members of the Presbyterian Church. They also belong to the Court of Honor, of New Berlin, while Mr. Wilson belongs to the A.H.Y. & A. of New Berlin. He is a strong Democrat and has filled a number of township offices, his neighbors appreciating his excellent qualities and voting for him without reference to party ties. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have many warm, personal friends here and in other townships, and are justly numbered among the representative people of the county.

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