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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1749

YOUNG, GEORGE W., a well and favorably known citizen of Springfield, is a successful contractor engaged in business there, and a veteran of the Civil War. He was born in Hamilton County, Ill., April 6, 1847, son of John K. and Janetta (Whithead) Young, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Tennessee. The family moved from Tennessee to Illinois and later returned to Tennessee, where the father died June 20, 1860. His widow died in Missouri, in 1886. The grandfather of George W. Young was an early settler of Tennessee and belonged to a prosperous and prominent family there. He participated in the War of 1812.

The childhood of George W. Young was spent on a farm in Illinois and he received his education in the country schools. He was fond of dancing and outdoor sports as a young man and grew up to the occupation of farming. He moved from Illinois to Missouri, thence to Arkansas and back to Missouri, and in 1889 moved to Springfield, which has since been his home. He eventually became a contractor, and in connection with his business assisted materially in the growth and progress of the city. He has always been actively interested in political affairs and has always favored Republican principles. His first vote was cast for President Grant and he has since voted the Republican ticket in national elections.

Mr. Young enlisted, in October, 1862, in Company C, First Kentucky Cavalry, serving eleven months and then being dismissed because he was under age. He participated in the Battle of Mill Spring, but spent most of his time as a scout in the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, and was engaged in guerilla warfare. He spent some time at Camp Dick Robinson, in Kentucky. He proved himself a brave and faithful soldier, and one able to discharge his duties to the credit of his company and regiment. He belongs to the G.A.R.

Mr. Young was married in Chatham Township, Sangamon County, May 28, 1870, to Miss Mary J. Norman, born April 2, 1856, the daughter of George and Maria Norman. Mr. Norman served in the Civil War and was killed in the battle at Pea Ridge. Four children have blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Young, namely: James E., born June 1, 1873; Hattie May, born March 20, 1871; Ida May, August 20, 1875; John W., June 20, 1877. Mr. Young belongs to the Missionary Baptist Church and fraternally is connected with the Court of Honor and the Odd Fellows. He owns several pieces of property in Springfield and lives at 1016 South Fifteenth Street. He stands well with his associates and has many friends in both social and business circles.

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