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Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company, Publishers 1912

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Page 1753

ZIMMERMAN, JOSEPH - The younger generation in Springfield are demonstrating that it is not years that count in the successful race, but ability, determination, and integrity of purpose. Some of the representative men of the city have yet to reach their fortieth milestone, yet they have accomplished much. Some there are who have not only attained material prosperity, but have also filled responsible public positions and given to the people the best that is in them. One of the best known men of Springfield, in both political and business circles is Joseph Zimmerman, former City Comptroller, who is at present connected with several of the leading business concerns of the city.

Mr. Zimmerman was born in Springfield, October 27, 1876, and has lived here all his life. Much of his success he attributes to the fostering care and devotion of his mother. Mrs. Frances Zimmerman, who has been a resident of the city since 1870, and whose home is now at No. 700 South Fifth Street. She is a lady whose many charities and gentle, kindly nature make her a beloved addition to any circle. After attending parochial and public school, Mr. Zimmerman gained a commercial training in the Springfield Business College. He had been ambitious to earn his own living before he left school, and when only a child worked for Alexander Pringle, collecting coal bills on Saturdays and after school. In this capacity he demonstrated his reliability and dependableness to such an extent that at fourteen years he obtained a position with Ridgely's National Bank. He remained there for seventeen years, being successively promoted through various positions until he was made paying teller. It was while holding this position that he resigned to take upon himself the duties of the office of City Comptroller, under Mayor David S. Griffiths. This appointment had the endorsement of all the banks in the city and was a very popular one. Upon leaving this office, Mr. Zimmerman purchased the insurance agency of Kessberger & Co., and since then has built up a large and flourishing business along this line, representing all the best regular insurance companies. He is also Secretary and Treasurer of the Hirn Piano Company and Treasurer and Director of the Springfield Record Publishing Company, and has given his time and energy towards the promotion and development of other enterprises of both a public and private character. In politics Mr. Zimmerman is a Republican, casting his first vote for President McKinley, and at present is serving as a member of the Board of Education.

On September 12, 1900, Mr. Zimmerman was married to Mary E. Reisch, daughter of the late Frank Reisch, and Mrs. Anna Reisch, who now resides at No. 819 Rutledge street. Mr. Reisch was the head of the Reisch Brewing Company and President of the Illinois National Bank, of Springfield and in his death the city lost one of its most valued citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman have had four children: Joseph F., born July 11, 1901; Frank Reisch, born September 12, 1904; Ralph Edwin, born January 13, 1907, and George Walter, born February 9, 1910. Mr. Zimmerman belongs to SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the order of Elks. In his life Mr. Zimmerman has demonstrated that success is given not alone to those who begin their career with means. His capital stock consisted of his energy, and willingness to work, and the advice of his mother. Drawing liberally upon these assets, he has become a power among his associates and has every reason to be proud of what he has already accomplished.

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