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· Directory and Gazetteer of Sangamon County, Illinois (1889) savePDF

· History of the Springfield Baptist Association (1881) savePDF

· Index to The Gathering of the Portuguese (1984)

· Miscellaneous Delayed Births of Sangamon County, 1860-1917 savePDF

· Mortality Schedule Sangamon County, 1870 savePDF

· Naturalization Records, 1862-1864

· Wimmer Graveyard Cleanup Project (1999); Auburn

· User-Submitted Local Family Histories

· User-Submitted Local Newspaper Clippings

· User-Submitted Local Obituaries

· User-Submitted Local Probates, Wills, and Deeds

· Archive of Sangamon County ILGenWeb on 23 Oct 2018 archiveZIP

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