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from Original Edition of the 1876 History of
Early Settlers of Sangamon County Illinois
By John C. Power
Transcribed by Cherie Logan for the Sangamon County ILGenWeb Page


- M -

    1827, MALLORY, Valentine, Bracken, KY, Bourbon, KY

    1834, MALONE, John W., Brown, IL, Richmond, VA

    1840, MALONE, Alfred C., McMinn, TN, Richmond, VA

    1836, MALONE, Jesse J. , Crawford, MO, Richomnd, VA

    1822, MALTBY, Josiah, Tioga, NY, , CT

    1831, MANN, Uriah, Bracken, KY, Bracken, KY

    1837, MARSH, William H., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA


    1834, MARTIN, George, Licking, OH, Hampshire, VA

    1830, MARTIN, Abraham, Lawrence, IN, , KY

    1837, MASON, John A., Buffalo, NY, Swanton, Franklin, VT

    1828, MASSIE, Thomas, Montgomery, KY, Albemarle, VA

    1821, MATHENY, Charles R., St. Clair, IL, Loudon, VA

    1835, MATHER, Thomas, Randolph, IL, Simsbury, Hartford, CT

    1833, MATTHEW, Simon, Washington, IN, , VA

    1836, MATTHEW, William, Marion, IN, Bracken, KY

    1854, MATTHEWS, Schuyler, Greene, KY, Greene, KY

    1830, MATTHEWS, Joseph, Cumberland, KY, Buckingham, VA

    1834, MAXCY, James -son of Joel, Bowling Green, KY, Prince Edward, VA

    1838, MAXWELL, Archibald, Philadelphia, PA, Doune, Perthshire, SCOT

    1825, MAXWELL, Elias, Green, OH, Green, OH

    1836, MAY, William L., , ?, , ?

    1825, MCATEE, Smith, , KY, , KY

    1825, MCATEE, Andrew, , KY, , KY

    1837, MCBRIDE, James, Montgomery, KY, Bedford, VA

    1830, MCCLEES, Thomas, Fleming, KY, , PA

    1819, MCCLELLAND, Robert, White, IL, , OH

    1837, MCCOLLY, John, St. Lawrence, NY, , NY

    1825, MCCOMAS, Elisha, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV

    1827, MCCOMAS, David, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV

    1840, MCCONNELL, James, Madison, NY, Belfast, IRE

    1829, MCCORMACK, Alexander, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN

    1829, MCCORMACK, John, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN

    1920, MCCORMACK, William, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN

    1829, MCCORMACK, Andrew, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN

    1829, MCCORMACK, James, Fleming, KY, Nashville, TN

    1818, MCCOY, James, Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY

    1819 , MCCOY, David, Montgomery, IL, , GA

    1821, MCCOY, Joseph E., Nicholas, KY, Nicholas, KY

    1836, MCCOY, Hamilton, Mason, WV, Mason, WV

    1832, MCCUNE, Gavin, , KY, Nicholas, KY

    1835, MCDANIEL, Jonathan, Harrison, KY, Clark, KY

    1835, MCDANIEL, Robert, Bracken, KY, Clark, KY

    1833, MCDANIEL, William, Harrison, KY, Clark, KY

    1838, MCDANIEL, James, Bracken, KY, , PA

    1834, MCDANIEL, Henry, Clark, KY, Harrisburg, PA

    1836, MCDANNOLD, Eliz.(Mrs.), , KY, Bath, KY

    1829, MCELVAIN, Samuel, Adair, KY, Augusta, VA

    1827, MCGINNIS, William S., Mercer, KY, Mercer, KY

    1827, MCGINNIS, Greenberry D., Boone, Ky, Mercer, KY

    1827, MCGINNIS, David, Boone, KY, Mercer, KY

    1827, MCGINNIS, Smith, Mercer, KY, Mercer, KY

    1836, MCGRAW, Absalom D., Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY

    1836, MCGRAW, Charles C., St. Louis, MO, Mason, KY

    1819 ?, MCHENRY, Joseph, , KY, , KY

    1829, MCKEE, John, Harrison, KY, Harrison, KY

    1829, MCKEE, James, , ?, , ?

    1826, MCKINNIE, Lewis, Fayette, KY, , VA

    1837, MCLOUD, John K., Washington, TN, Washington, TN

    1837, MCMURPHY, David, St. Lawrence, NY, Windsor, VT

    1821, MCMURRY, Eliza. (Mrs.), St Clair, IL, , VA

    1820, MCNABB, William, Logan, IL, , IRE

    1839, MCNEILL, William, Allegheny, MD, Allegheny, MD

    1835, MCNEILL, Francis A., Shepherdstown, VA, Allegheny, MD

    1830, MEACHAM, Edom, , KY, , KY

    1840, MEACHAM, Joseph , Christian, KY, Christian, KY

    1819 ?, MEACHAM, Joseph K., , KY, , KY

    1819, MEACHAM, Adin E., St. Louis, MO, Benson, Rutland, VT

    1839, MEADER, William W., , NH, , NH

    1834, MEADER, Timothy E., , ME, Rochester, NH

    1837, MEGREDY, Enoch, , MD, Cecil, MD

    1838, MENGEL, Isaac R., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA

    1838, MENGEL, Levi B., Lancaster, PA, Lancaster, PA

    1829, MEREDITH, Absalom, Miami, OH, , VA

    1829, MERRIMAN, Reuben, Scott, KY, , CT

    1830, MERRIMAN, Elias H., St. Louis, MO, Baltimore, MD

    1829, MERRIMAN, Lyman, Scott, KY, , CT

    1839, MERRIWEATHER, John H, Clark, OH, Baltimore, MD

    1830, MESLER, Cornelius, Newark, NJ, Morris, NJ

    1829, MESSICK, Joseph W., Christian, KY, Christian, KY

    1837, MILLER, Michael, Morgan, IL, Rowan, NC

    1834, MILLER, Christian, Miami, OH, Loudon, VA

    1835 ?, MILLER, Nathan, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA

    1835 ?, MILLER, George, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA

    1835 ?, MILLER, Adam, Loudon, VA, Loudon, VA

    1824, MILLER, Jacob, Clark, KY, , KY

    1820, MILLER, Solomon, St. Clair, IL, Adair, KY

    1839, MILLINGTON, Peter, , OH, , VT

    1840, MILLS, James, Tippecanoe, IN, Augusta, VA

    1834, MILSLAGLE, Andrew, Hampshire, VA, Hampshire, VA

    1840, MISCHLER, Philip, St. Louis, MO, Heppenheim, Hesse Darm., GER

    1824, MITCHELL, Edward, Botetourt, VA, Botetourt, VA

    1828, MITTS, Cyrus, Pickaway, OH, Chillicothe, OH

    1829, MOFFITT, George, Christian, KY, Augusta, VA

    1826, MOFFITT, Thomas, Morgan, IL, Bath, KY

    1822 ?, MOORE, John, Shoreham, VT, Shoreham, VT

    1834 ?, MOORE, Enoch, St. Clair, IL, Waterloo, St. Clair, IL

    1836, MOORE, Bushnell, St. Lawrence, NY, Shoreham, VT

    1836, MOORE, Joseph, Bath, KY, Shenandoah, VA

    1838, MOORE, John B., Morris, NJ, Warren, NJ

    1828, MORGAN, Daniel, Monroe, IN, Warm Springs, Hampshire, VA

    1826, MORGAN, Charles, Clermont, OH, Hampshire, VA

    1822, MORGAN, Thomas, Hamilton, OH, , KY

    1826, MORRIS, Achilles, Kanawha, WV, Kanawha, WV

    1825, MORRIS, John, Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV

    1825, MORRIS, William D., Cabell, WV, Cabell, WV

    1839, MORSE, James M., Vandalia, IL, Newburyport, MA

    1830, MOSTELLER, Christopher, Butler, OH, Buncombe, NC

    1836, MOTT, James, Jacksonville, IL, Kent, ENG

    1836, MOURER, William, Washington, MD, Berkley, VA

    1839, MOWRY, John H., Dixon, Lee, IL, Charleston, SC

    1829, MULKEY, Jesse H., KY or , TN, TN or, KY

    1838, MYERS, Henry C., Chambersburg, PA, Chambersburg, PA

    - N -

    1839, NAVE, Henry, Washington, IN, Carter, TN

    1835, NEAL, Nathaniel B., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY

    1830, NEAL, James W., Bourbon, KY, Bourbon, KY

    1828, NEAL, Daniel, Bourbon, KY, Bedford, VA

    1824, NEALE, Tom M., Bowling Green, KY, Fauquier, VA

    1817 ?, NELSON, William, St. Clair, IL, St. Clair, IL

    1837, NESBITT, Samuel G., Juniata, PA, Juniata, PA

    1824, NEWCOMER, Christopher, Franklin, OH, Huntington, PA

    1828, NEWMAN, Henry, Knox, TN, Baltimore, MD

    1828, NEWSOM, David, Monroe, VA, Greenbrier, VA

    1829, NIPPER, Williamson, Nashville, TN, , VA

    1836, NORRED, Richard C., Maryland, OH, Loudon, VA

    1838, NORRED, William, Frederick, MD, Loudon, VA

    1835, NORRIS, Aquilla, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

    1829, NORTH, John, Jefferson, TN, Bent Creek, Buckingham, VA

    1832, NORTH, Robert, Jefferson, TN, Buckingham, VA

    1840, NOTTINGHAM, Jonathan, Cape May, NJ, Cape May, NJ

    1820, NUCKOLLS, James, Madison, IL, Botetourt, VA

    1826, NUCKOLLS, John, Grayson, VA, Hanover, VA

    - O -

    1827, OGDEN, Zachariah, Grayson, KY, Fredcerick City, St. Mary’s, MD

    ?, ONEAL, Samuel, , KY, , KY

    1835, OPDYCKE, Stacy B., Randolph, IL, New Castle, NJ

    1828, ORGAN, Micajah, Jessamine, KY, Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY

    1826, ORR, Robert, Wythe, VA, Connersville, IN

    1819, OVERSTREET, John, Cabell, VA, Bedford, VA

    1830, OVERSTREET, Dabney, Greenbrier, VA, Bedford, VA

    1840, OWEN, Thomas J. V., Kaskaskia, IL, Halifax, VA

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