Auburn, Auburn Township
Sangamon County, Illinois


Wimmer Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Sangamon County with burial dates from 1828 to 1934. Mary E. Duckworth died 11 April 1934 and was buried 13 April 1934. She was the spouse of John T. Duckworth who has the GAR tombstone buried next to his stone. There may also be another veteran buried in the cemetery by the name of Abraham Wimmer but there is no known stone with that name on it so this can not be confirmed until we have more data. There are some Tombstone readings under Cleanup project links!!



People who worked on the cemetery clean up the second weekend (July 10, 1999) with the exception of Felicie Anderson who is taking the photo, Pat DeHeve, Chris Costello, James K. Grove and Shawn Ray. From left to right is Mary Ann Decatoire, Thelma McCulley, Alex Decatoire, Dan DeHeve, Jane King, Zack Costello, Marvin McCulley, George LeConte, Joanne Costello, Dan Dixon and Bobbie Meidel.


Resetting Abram Dill's stone. Thelma McCulley is the woman in the lower picture, her husband (Marvin McCulley) is descended from Jacob Henry Shutt the Rev. War Fifer. George LeConte is holding the stone in the two close up photos. David Greifzer is the guy in blue shorts and Mike Rhome is the guy from Arnold Monument Company who is helping George with the resetting of the stone.


The left photo of the Dill stone includes Marvin McCulley to the left of the picture. James K. Grove, right photo, is a descendant of Abram Dill beside whose stone he is standing.

Before                     After

Tombstone of Martha Harney and her infant son Byron who both died ca. 4 June 1857. Martha was the wife of J. Harney. This was a very fancy stone that was broken in half when we arrived back at the cemetery in June. Alex Decatoire pinned, caulked and cleaned the stone over a period of several weeks


On 26 June 1999 a group of Auburn citizens and descendants of the Dill, Loving, Shutt and Wimmer families gathered together at the Wimmer Cemetery in Auburn, Sangamon County, Illinois to reset, clean and pull weeds around the burial ground. The following names appear on the stones that were reset:

This cemetery has stones which date from 1828 to 1913. The largest of these stones were placed back into position with the help of a wench and the personnel provided by the Arnold Monument Company from Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois.

We would like to thank the following people who helped in this cleanup effort: