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Abstracted from "Service Records of the Soldiers of the War of 1812 Who Lie Buried in Sangamon County" by Sangamo Chapter United States Daughters, 1812 which is located at the IL State Historical Library (F8336.6 *29 N277S Cop.2) in Springfield.

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ABEL, ROSWELL - b. July 23, 1785, Shraon Mt., Litchfield Co., CT. Enlisted at

Granville Washington Co., NY.  Died in Rochester.

ADAMS, JAMES - b. Jan. 24, 1763, Hartford CT; enlisted at Oswego, NY.  Died

August 11,1843, Springfield.

ARCHER, WILLIAM - b. July 30, 1793, NC.  Enlisted from TN or Madison Co.,

IL.  Died August 31, 1867, Curran Twp.

BAKER, JAMES - b. July 1788, Bourbon Co. KY.  Died Feb. 14, 1869. Enlisted

either in Nicholas or Bourbon Counties.  Buried in Rochester Cemetery.

BAKER, JACOB - b. August 9, 1790, Bourbon Co., KY.  Died May 18, 1872,

buried in Rochester Cemetery.

BARBRE, ELI - b. July 25, 1798, Enlisted from KY or Posey Co., IN.  Died the

fall of 1846, Island Grove Twp.

BATES, ISAAC - b. Oct. 14, 1796, Jaffrey, Cheshire Co. NH.  Enlisted in St.

Lawrence Co. NY.  Died April 23, 1856 in Fancy Creek Twp.

BATES, OLIVER - b. Oct 14, 1796 (Twin of Isaac).  Enlisted from Potsdam, St.

Lawrence Co. NY.  Died 1865, Farmingdale Station.

 BELL, ROBERT - b. March 8, 1795, Bourbon Co., KY.  Killed at Illiopolis June

25, 1872.  Lived four miles south of Rochester. Buried in Chicken

Bristle/Grizzle Cemetery.

 BENHAM, JOHN T.- b. Aug. 21, 1879, Ferrisburg, Addison Co., VA.  Was at the

Battle of Vergennes, 1814.  Died 2 1/2 miles northeast of Rochester.

 BEERS, PHILO- b. July 16, 1793 , Morganfield, MD.  Died March 1858 at

Springfield.  Buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

 BERRY, REV. JOHN - b. 1786. Died 1857.  Was in Battle of New Orleans and

witnessed lowering of the British flag.

 BRIDGES, WILLIAM - b. April 28, 1787, Green Co., OH.  Died March 12, 1833 at

Buffalo Hart Grove.

 BATTERTON, AMOR - b. May 3, 1772, Louden Co., KY.  Enlisted from Madison

Co. or Adair Co. KY.  Died Aug. 4,1835 at Salisbury.

 BLUE, JOHN - b. Sept. 9, 1777, SC. Enlisted from Fleming Co., KY.  died 1842,

Clear Lake Twp.

 BONE, ELIHU - b. 1795 - died 1857.  Served under General Jackson.

 BRADFORD, JAMES M. - b. Sept. 28, 1793, Culpepper Co., VA. Enlisted from

Scott Co. KY.  Died March 3, 1862, Bradford.

 BROWN, JAMES I. (l?) - B. Oct. 20, 1786, SC.  Enlisted from Union Co., KY.

Died April 18, 1854, Fancy Creek Twp.  Was at Battle of New Orleans.

 BROWN, COL. WILLIAM- b. April 19, 1779, d. Dec. 14, 1852.  Buried in Berlin


 BROADWELL, JOHN - b. ___ in Hamilton Co. OH.  Was private of US Infantry

under Co. E. Fasset.   Age of enlistment, 18, farmer.  He was enrolled  March

22, 1814, by Lt. Barny for the War.  Was transferred to Capt.   VanDalsen's

Co., 15th US Infantry and present on the roll of that Co. April     30, 1815.

 BUTLER, NATHAN- b. Jan. 3, 1795, Adair Co.,KY.  Enlisted either from Green

or Adair Co., KY.  Died April 4, 1842.  Was at Battle of New Orleans, also a

colonel in the Black Hawk War, March 1831-32. Died in Island Grove Twp.

 BUTLER, WILLIAM - b. Dec. 15, 1797 in Adair Co. KY.  Carried important

messages frm the Gov. of KY to General Harrison.  He died Jan. 11, 1876.

 CABINESS, CAPT. JOHN M. - b. Jan. 3, 1784, died 1842.  Two enlistments:

As private in Capt. Warner Ellmore's Co., 9th Mounted (Simrall's) KY

Volunteers, Service Aug. 22, 1813, ending Nov. 10, 1813.

And, Lt. In Capt. Edward Wilburn's Co., 14th (Mitchisson's) Regt., KY

Militia.  Service Nov. 20, 1814, ending May 20, 1815.

 CALDWELL, WILLIAM - b. Dec. 15, at Nansemond Co., VA.  Was Captain of a

company from Jassemine Co., KY.  Died August 1, 1844, in the SE part of

Curran Twp.

 CAMPBELL, JOHN M. - b. April 10, 1794 in Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA.

 CAMPBELL, JOHN - b. Nov. 4, 1790, Carter Co., TN.  Died Feb. 1875 5 miles W.

of Chatham, served 2 enlistments until March,1815.

 CARTWRIGHT, PETER - b. Sept. 1, 1785 (VA?).  Private in Capt. Robert

Seebe's Co. of Infantry 17th Regt. (Francesco's), KY Militia.  Services

commenced Feb. 8, 1815, ended March 7, 1815.  He died Sept. 25, 1872

and is buried in the Pleasant Plains Cemetery.  This is the famous

Circuit     Riding Methodist Minister.

 CASSITY, WILLIAM  (CASSIDAY)- b. 1793 in Bath Co., KY.  Enlisted from

Nicholas Co., KY.   Died in 1844.  Buried in Rochester Cemetery.  Tombstone

reads Cassity.

 CHERRY, BENJAMIN - b. June 26, 1790.  Enlisted in Overton Co., TN.  Died

1874 at Riverton.

 CLARK, ORAMEL - b. Aug. 11, 1792, Lebanon, CT.  Died Sept. 9, 1863,

Springfield, IL.  Was a non-commissioned officer.  Buried in Oak Ridge


 COATS, ABEL - b. 1787, died Aug. 9, 1874, bur, at Oak Ridge Cemetery.  Was


 COLBURN, ABEL - b. Sept. 20, 1790, died Oct. 2, 1851 at Loami.  Enlisted at

Hebron, Grafton Co., NH/.

 COLBURN, WILLIAM - b. June 3, 1793, died June 10, 1869 at Loami.  Enlisted

at Hebron, Grafton Co., NH.

 COLBURN, EBENEZER - b. Dec. 1, 1794, Sterling MA.  Died Apr1864 at Loami.

enlisted at Hebron, Grafton C. NH.

 COOPER, MEREDITH - b. April 7, 1792, Cooke Co., TN.  Died Nov. 1, 1870,

Sherman, Williams Twp., Enlisted from Smith Co., TN.

 CROWL, JOSEPH - b. Sept. 3, 1784, died Sept. 8, 1865.  Buried at Oak Hill

Cemetery,   Buckhart, Cooper Twp., east of Rochester.

 DARNEILLE, JOHN - b. June 8, 1791.  Was lst Lt. and Captain from Bourbon

Co. KY.  Served 14 months.  Died March 10, 1854, 5 miles west of


 DAIGH, JAMES, - b. 1777, d. 1844, buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Buckhart.

 DAWSON, JOHN - b. Nov. 24, 1791, Bracken Co., KY.  Was at the Battle of

River Raisin.  Died Nov. 12, 1850, Clear Lake Twp.

 DRENNAN, WILLIAM - b. April 9, 1768, Caldwell Co. KY.  Died Oct. 23, 1847.

Pvt. in Capt. William Taylor's (Jr.) Co., 2nd Regt (McWillie's) SC Militia.

Service Oct 7, 1814 to Dec. 15, 1814, buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery.

 EASTON, THOMAS - b. Dec. 8, 1771.  Capt. of Cavalry from Augusta, ME.  On

duty at Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers from the District of Mass.  Died at


 EDWARDS, NINIAN - Governor of Illinois 1826-1830. B. Mrch 17, 1775, died

July 20, 1833.  Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield.

 EASLEY, DANIEL - b. Oct. 18, 1773, Stokes Co., NC.  Enlisted in Caldwell Co.

KY.  Died Feb. 13, 1874, Ball Township. Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery.

 EASLEY, WILLIAM - b. Jan. 6, 1792, died Sept. 26, 1867.  Buried in Sugar

Creek Cemetery.  Private in Capt. Wm. Brown's Co., 4th Regt (Bogue) KY

volunteers, May 26, 1812 - March 13, 1813.

 ECKEL, JOHN C. - b. Nov. 27, 1793, Baltimore, MD.  Enlisted in Jefferson Co.,

TN.  Died May 23, 1859 buried at Mechanicsburg.

 ELLIS, HENRY - b. Nov. 17, 1786, Warsaw, KY.  Died June 13, 1854, in Berlin.

ELLIOT, ANDREW - b. 1792, enlisted from Rutherford Co., NC.  Died in

Springfield Oct. 17, 1864.

ENOS, ABNER - b. July 20, 1791, died March 18, 1850.  Was in the American

Navy under Commodore Perry, was in the battle of Lake Erie  Sept. 10,   1813;

 was captured a few months later and spent 6 months in prison at    Montreal,

Canada.  Buried in the Constant Cemetery at Buffalo Hart.

ENOS, PASCAL P. - b. 1770 Windsor, Conn.  Enlisted at Windsor VT.  Died

April 1832, buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  (Typist's question re difference

in states noted - because of identical town name)

EWING, WILLIAM LEE D. - Governor of Illinois in 1834.  B. Aug. 31, 1795, died

March 25, 1846.  Capt. in Lt. Col. Philil Barbour's Regt. from KY.

Enlisted    at Newport, KY, Sept. 1, 1813.

FLETCHER, JOB  - b. Nov. 11, 1793.  Enlisted from Logan Co., KY.  Assisted in

the burying of dead after the Battle of Tippecanoe.  Died Sept. 4, 1872.

Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, Ball Twp.  Served 6 mos.

FORREST, DENNIS - b. Oct. 25, 1784, NC.  Enlisted in Nicholas Co., KY.  Died

July 29, 1853 at Chatham.

FUNDERBURK, DAVID - b. Jan. 9, 1795 in Orange District, SC. 3rd US Rifle

Regulars. Service Aug. 15, 1814 to 1819.

GARD, EPHRAIM - b. March 1776, Butler Co., OH.  Capt. in 1812.  Died Nov. 21,

1863 at Pleasant Plains.

GARVEY, SAMUEL - b. August 31, 1794, KY.  died May 1834.

GEORGE, WILLIAM - b. Cabell Co., WV.  Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery,  Buckhart,

Cooper Twp.

GIBSON, WILLIAM - b. 1780 at Staunton, VA.  Enlisted either in Fayette Co. or

Boone Co. KY.  Died Oct. 5, 1838 near Waverly, IL.

GREENING, THOMAS - b. Nov. 19, 1796, Enlisted from Clark Co., KY.  Died May

4, 1855, Loami Twp.

GREGORY, JAMES - b. 1784 in New York.  Died -

GROVE, HENRY - b. Oct. 20, 1784, died Jan. 7, 1863.

GRUBB, SAMUEL - b. May 16, 1794, Chester Co., PA.  Fife Major, 1812.  Died

Aug. 26, 1875, Springfield.  Buried in Oak Ridge.

HALBERT, DR. JAMES - b. Aug. 19, 1785 Port Royal, VA.  Died Nov. 5, 1858'

buried -

HAMPTON, JAMES F. - b. April 17, 1787, Hampton Roads, VA.  Enlisted in

Franklin Co. KY under Gen. Harrison.  Died Sept. 15, 1853 near Illiopolis.

HERNDON, ARCHER - b. Feb. 13, 1795, Greensburg, Green Co., KY.  Died Jan.

3, 1867, Springfield, IL.

HOUGHTON, ELIJAH - b. 1782 - died 1852.

HUCKLEBERRY, HENRY - b. 1779, died March 13, 1859 at Mechanicsburg.  Was

at the Battle of Tippecanoe. He is said to have killed the last Indian slain

in that battle.

HUDSON, JOHN - b. April 25, 1795, Mecklinburg Co., VA.  Enlisted at Cabell

Co., WV.  Service Sept. 1813 - April 1814.

HUGHES, WILLIAM - Ranger, buried in Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Loami.    The

first white man buried in Sangamon County, 1817.

HUMPHRYES, OWEN - b. May 27, 1769, died Jan., 1846.

IRWIN, SAMUEL - b. June 6, 1779, Cabbaras Co., NC.  Died March 6, 1745 at

Richland Baptist Church Cemetery (Cartwright Twp.)

IRWIN, WILLIAM - b. March 31, 1789 at Cabarras Co., NC.  Died June 13, 1871.

buried at the Richland Baptist Church Cemetery, Cartwright Twp.

JARRETT, JONATHAN - b. July 23, 1778, Kanawka Co., VA.  Died April 28,  1834

at Loami.

JAYNE, DR. GERSHOM - b. Oct. 15, 1794, Orange Co., NY.  Army Surgeon;   died

Aptril 17, 1867 at Springfield, IL.  Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

JONES, HENRY - b. Aug. 25, 1793, Caroline Co., VA.  Died Jan. 1, 1848, NW

corner of Springfield Twp.  Buried in McKinnie Cemetery.

JONES, ROBERT - b. Sept. 25, 1790 Orange Co., NC.  Enlisted at Belford Co.,

TN 4th TN Reg. under General Jackson for 3 months and 15 days; died     May

16, 1874, Ball Township.

KEYES, ISAAC - b. Jan. 11, 1790 Pickaway Co., OH.  Enlisted at Fayette Co.,

KY.  Died May 2, 1848 in Rochester.

LASWELL, ANDREW - b. Feb. 1781, Louden Co., VA.  Died April 11, 1853,

buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  Enlisted in KY and was at the Battle of  New


LINDLEY, SIMON - b. Jan. 20, 1769, Orange Co. NC.  Enlisted from Bond Co.,

IL, died August 30, 1827, Chatham.

LLOYD, TARLTON - b. 1784, died 1881.  Was in Battle of New Orleans, and

witnessed the lowering of the British Flag.

LOGAN, STEPHEN T. - b. Feb. 24, 1800.  Served under Gen. Shelby.  Yet only

13 years old, he issued commissions to the officers under the Governor of

KY and Gen. Shelby.  (See Power's History of Sangamon Co.,p. 466)

LYMAN, DR. JOHN - b. April 2, 1780, New Haven Twp., VT.  Enlisted at

Lebanon NH and was stationed at Swanton, VT.  Died Aug. 4, 1865 at


LYNN, JAMES - b. Feb. 24,1788.  Enlisted at Russelville, KY for 18 mos.

Wounded in Canada.  Died March 11, 1860, at Buffalo.

MC CONNELL, JAMES - b. 1769, Belfast, Ireland.  Had powder mills in

Belleville, NJ.  Enlisted from NJ; also had mills at Madison Co.NY.  Died in

Springfield, IL and is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

MC COY, JAMES - b. July 25, 1791, Nicholas Co., KY.  Service in Dragoons

under Col. Dick Johnson. Died Mar. 25, 1844 in Rochester.

MC ELVAINE, SAMUEL - b. Feb. 22, 1794, Adair Co., KY.  Was at the Battle of

New Orleans.  Died April 1, 1848 at Auburn.

MC KAY, LEWIS - b. 1784, was a private in Capt. Daniel Strickler's Company,

Inf. 6th (Coleman's) Regiment, VA Militia.

MALLORY, VALENTINE - b. Dec. 16, 1798, Paris, Bourbon Co.   , KY.  Was at the

Battle of River Thames.  Died Nov. 21, 1864 at Riverton.

MASON, NOAH - b. 1782, diec Nov. 18, 1834.  Private in Capt. Noah Miller's

Co., Col. Ulmer's Reg. US Vol. Oct. 15, 1812 for one year Belfort District,

ME. Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, Ball Twp.

MASSIE, THOMAS - b. Dec. 26, 1759, Albemarle Co., VA.  Died Aug. 19, 1833

at Curran.

MATHENY, CHARLES R. - b. March 6, 1786, private in Capt. James Moore's

Troop, Vol. Cavalry from St. Clair Co., IL.  Service July 27, 1812 to Nov.

12, 1813.  Died Springfield, IL; buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  Grave

marked by USD 1812.

MAXEY, JAMES - b. Nov. 17, 1791, Bowling Green, KY.  2nd Lt. for 4 mos, Aug.

27, 1812 and again Aug. 25, 1813.  Was Oct. 5, 1813 at the Battle of River


MEACHIM, ADIN - b. March 10, 1789 Benson, Rutland Co. VT.  Lt. in the 7th

Reg. of IL.  Died March 9, 1866 at Loami.

MILLER, JACOB - b. 1789, in KY, mustered in at Winchester, KY and was at

battle of Tippecanoe.  Died July 27, 1862 at the northwest corner of

Chatham Twp.

MORGAN, DANIEL - b. Mrch 10, 1785, near Warm Springs, Hampshire Co. VA.

Died Sept. 6, 1866.  Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery .  Service August 1812

to March 1813.

NANCE, JAMES - b. 1789, died 1842.  Was private in Capt. Liberty Green's Co.

Infantry, 3rd Reg. (Miller's) KY Militia.

NEALE, GEN. TOM M.  b. 1796, Fauquier Co., VA.  Enlisted at Bowling Green,

KY.  Died Aug. 7, 1840 at Springfield.

NEWMAN, HENRY - b. Aug. 18, 1787, Baltimore, MD.  Enlisted in Knox Co., TN.

Had 3 services, was with Gen. Jackson at New Orleans.  Died March 20,   1861

at Springfield,

OGDEN, ZACHARIAH - b. Nov. 11, 1792, Frederick City St. Mary's Co., MD.

Enlisted in Washington Co. KY.  Died Aug. 4, 1869.  Buried in St. Bernard's

Catholic Cemetery, Ball Twp.

OVERSTREET, JOHN -  -  fought in the War of 1812 in place of his son-in-law,

Elisha Hall, 4th Regiment, Virginia Militia, under Captain Henry Tabb. He went to Ohio in 1812.

Came to Sangamon County, Illinois in 1827.  He was born 16 Jan 1760 in Bedford County, Virginia;

died 1848 Athens, Menard County, Illinois; buried in Menard County, IL;  Applied for Pension for

RW and War of 1812 service while in Lawrence Co., OH 9 Aug 1820 and again on 19 June 1827

when residing in what was then Sangamon County and is now  Menard County, IL.

He resided in VA; OH and IL

PATTON, JAMES - b. March 17, 1791 at Baltimore, MD.  Enlisted in Christian

Co.KY,  Diedin Springfield, IL.

PEASE, ABRAM - b. July 22, 1791, at Martha's Vineyard, MA.  Enlisted Cayuga

Co. NY.  Died Sept. 1, 1843, in Ball Township.

PETERS, ZACHARIAH - b. Washington Co., KY (Another source states Amherst Co. VA and went to

Washington Co KY with his family when he was two years old)   Died Aug. 5, 1864.  Buried in

Hutchinson Cemetery, Springfield.

PICKRELL, ABEL - b. March 14, 1782, Montgomery Co. KY.  Died Jan. 3, 1862

at Lanesville.

PROCTOR, SIMON L. - b. Jan. 12, 1793, Shelby Co. KY.  Was at Battle of

Tippecanoe.  Died Sept. 19, 1845 at Cotton Hill.

PULLIAM, ROBERT - b. 1776, died July 31, 1838, Slaughter's Reg. 15th KY

Militia.  Service Nov. 18, 1814 - May 1815.

RAPE, JOHN - b. 1794, SC.  Enlisted from TN. Was at Battle of New Orleans.

Died Jan. 29, 1872 at New City, Cotton Hill Twp.

RHEA, JAMES (RAY) - b. June 3, 1780, died Feb. 12, 1845.  Private in Capt.

Charles Harvey's 10th Reg (Bourbon Co.) KY Vol. Militia.  Later became a

Colonel.  Died in Berlin Twp.

ROBBINS, HIRAM - b. Dec. 26, 1793, enlisted at Vincennes, IN.  Served 6 mos.

Died at Barclay, Cooper Twp.  Has a Black Hawk War record, also.

Typist's note:  Barclay is in Williams Twp., Buckhart is in Cooper Twp.)

ROBISON, COL. EDWARD - b. Oct. 16, 1781, Louden Co., VA.  Died May 15,  1836,

Gardner Twp.  Colonel in War of 1812 from Caldwell Co., KY.

ROSS, JOHN - b. 1793, died 1877, Buried in Chicken Grizzle (Bristle?)


ROSS, WILLIAM - b. Feb. 14, 1769, Cincinnati, OH.  Died Nov. 18, 1832, at

Round Prairie, Cooper Twp.

ROYAL, THOMAS - b. 1758, Manchester, England.  Died August 1834, Ball   Twp.

SATTLEY, ARCHIBALD - b. Oct. 8, 1794, Vergennes, VT, died March 16, 1842

at  Rochester.

SATTLEY, ROBERT - b. Oct. 27, 1788, Vergennes, VT.  Died March 27, 1842 at


SHELTON, STEPHEN - b. 1777, NC.  Enlisted in CabellCo., WV.  Died Jan. 22,

1859 in Curran Twp.

SHORT, JAMES - b. 1787 Green Co. KY.   Served as Captain.  Died 1827 at

Turkey Point, 5 miles west of Chatham.

SMITH, BENJAMIN - b. 1786, died 1831.  Corporal in Capt. James Ford's Co, IL

Militia.  Col. Isaac White's 3rd Reg., Service July 15, 1811 - Aug. 8, 1811.

SMITH, GREENBERRY - b. Feb. 5, 1793, died April 23, 1871 in Springfield.

SMITH, JOSEPH - b. 1794, died Aug. 1862.  Private in Capt. Wm. H McClellan's

Co. 7th Reg. US Infantry (Col. Wm. Russell) Service Jan. 5, 1814 - to June

30, 1814.  Buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

STAFFORD, CALEB - b. June 22, 1789, at Coventry, Kent Co., RI.  Enlisted in

Essex, NY.  Was at Battle of Plattsburg and Bouquet River.  Died May 7,

1855, Rochester.

STAFFORD, JEWETT - b. Jan. 13, 1795 at Coventry, Kent CO. RI.  Enlisted in

Essex Co. NY.  Died August 12, 1862 at Rochester.

STANLEY, THOMAS - b. March 23, 1790.  Enlisted from Ohio.  Died 1837 in

Fancy Creek Township.

STEWART, JAMES - b.Sept. 28, 1777, died April 16, 1872.  Served as

Quartermaster, Buried in Stewart Cemetry near Williamsville.  Error on

tablet (Stephen)

STOUT, PHILEMON - b. May 15, 1785, NJ.  Enlisted in Scott Co. KY.  Died Jan.

31, 1846 in Ball Twp.

STRODE, JOHN - b. Mrch 30, 1790, Greenbrier Co., KY.  Served 3 mos. and

was at the Battle of Lake Erie and the Battle of New Orleans.  Had a Land

Warrant, died Nov. 27, 1866 in Fancy Creek Twp; buried in Strode    Cemetery.

THAYER, JOSEPH - b. June 30, 1786, Amherst, MA.  Served in two capacities

June 12, 1814, Musician in Capt. Calvin White's Co. and as private in   Capt.

Edw. Vinton's Co., Inf.   Died Dec. 1877 at Chatham.

THORNTON, COL. WILLIAM -  No information given.

TODD, DR. JOHN - b. April 27, 1787, died Jan. 9, 1865 at Springfield.  Served

as Surgeon General of KY troops, August 14 to Oct. 14, 1812 in Lewis's

Reg., KY Vol.

VAN DORN, JOSEPH - b. 1790, Somerset Co., NJ.  Died Aug. 30, 1845 at

Curran.  Served in the Light Horse Company from NJ.

WATSON, ARTHUR - b. 1770, Berkley Co., VA.  Went to Mason Co., KY and

enlisted there.  Died Sept. 29, 1829 north of Springfield.

WEBB, JAMES G. - b. Feb. 3, 1792 at Winchester, Clark Co. KY.  Died March

12, 1844 in Loami Twp.  Served from KY and taken prisoner at the Battle

of the River Raisin.

YATES, HENRY - b. Oct. 29, 1786, Caroline Co., VA.  Died Sept. 13, 1865 at

New Berlin.  Served from Gallatin Co., KY.

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