Sangamon County Township Histories
with 1875 ATLAS PLATS
Includes Names of Early Settlers

Sangamon County was formed 30 January 1821 from Madison and Bond Counties. Springfield is the County seat.
Time Line for Sangamon County Territory/County Formations

History of County and Township Formation From the 1904 History of Sangamon County

Location of Early Settlers taken from the 1876 Early Settlers of Sangamon County. Townships, creeks, towns, etc. with names of the Early Settlers. Abstracted by Cherie Logan

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Fancy Creek Williams Buffalo Hart
Cartwright Gardner Springfield
Clear Lake Mechanicsburg Lanesville Illiopolis
Island Grove
New Berlin
Curran Woodside Rochester Cooper
Chatham Ball Cotton Hill
Talkington Auburn Divernon Pawnee

Source: "Atlas of Henry Co. Illinois to Which is Added an Atlas of the United States," Warner & Beers Publishers, Chicago, 1875. Submitted by Alice Gless [email protected] for use by ILGenWeb Counties.


The border counties of Dane (now Christian), Logan and Menard were created by legislative acts, approved February 15, 1839. Shortly after this time the present irregular limits of Sangamon county were defined and its area determined by survey. It contains 875 square miles, or about 550,000 acres of land. Most of this was then virgin prairie, but there are many belts of timber along the Sangamon river and the various creeks that flow into it. The greatest length of the county from east to west is near forty-one miles, and its extreme breadth some thirty-two miles. It is bounded on the north by Logan and Menard; on the west and northwest by Morgan and Cass; on the south by Macoupin and Montgomery; on the southeast by Christian, and on the east by Macon county.


At a meeting of the board of justices in June 1860, a petition was presented, praying that the question of township organization under the general act of 1851 be submitted to the voters of Sangamon county. The question was accordingly submitted at the regular election held on November 6. 1860, and it was carried by a majority of votes, out of a total vote of 7,241. At the meeting of the board of justices in December, following, John S. Bradford, John Gardner Sr., and Joseph Campbell were appointed a committee to divide the county into townships, in accordance with the general law on the subject. On March 1, 1861, this committee submitted to the county board their report in writing, which was approved. By it the county was divide into twenty-two townships, hearing the following names: Auburn, Ball, Buffalo Hart, Campbell (now Chatham, Clear Lake, Cooper, Cotton Hill, Curran, Gardner, Illiopolis, Island Grove, Loami, Mechanicsburg, Pawnee, Power (now Fancy Creek), Rochester, Sackett (now Salisbury), Spr ingfield, Talkington, Williams, and Woodside.

Five additional townships have since been formed, namely: New Berlin, from the south part of Island Grove; Wheatfield (now Lanesville, from the west part of Illiopolis; Capital, from parts of Springfield and Woodside; Divernon, from parts of Auburn and Pawnee; and Maxwell, from the west part of Loami making in all twenty-seven townships, with a present representation of forty-one members in the county board. The first board of supervisors met April 29, 1861, and organized by electing William Lavely as chairman.

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